Jessica Jung Makes the New Girl Group with Cyndi Wang Taking Center After “Sisters Who Make Waves 3” Announces Winners

Jessica Jung Makes the New Girl Group with Cyndi Wang Taking Center After "Sisters Who Make Waves 3" Announces Winners
Photos: Cyndi Wang and Jessica Jung / Weibo

Sisters Who Make Waves S3 (Ride on Waves S3) 乘风破浪3 finale has just aired tonight to reveal the final 10 winners who will form the new girl group X-SISTER. It is the same name used by the winners last season.

Cyndi Wang Takes the Top Spot

Given that the show was pre-recorded unlike previous seasons where it was streamed live, the list of winners already leaked online earlier this week. As expected, Cyndi Wang debuts in the center position as she wins 1st place. The singer-actress has been a crowd favorite since the show aired, trending several times along with her hit song Ai Ni which has gone viral again.

Jung sisters

Jessica Jung Debuts in a Group Again

Jessica Jung who’s a former member of South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation is another contestant who has received a lot of love. Many anticipated her long-awaited comeback to the stage and she didn’t disappoint. The Korean-American singer can also be seen actively practicing her Mandarin throughout the show. Overcoming language barriers, Jessica Jung gets to debut once more, this time as part of the newly-formed Chinese girl group. For the finale, Krystal Jung appeared in a short video clip which brought her older sister to tears. She cheered on Jessica saying, “friends and family back here, we’re all supporting you, we know what you’ve been through and I am so proud of you…”

Ride on Waves 3 winners

The list of 10 winners include Cyndi Wang, Jessica Jung, Kelly Yu Wenwen, Tan Weiwei, Gillian Cheung (TWINS), Charlene Choi (TWINS), Fiona Sit, Amber Kuo, Tang Shiyi and Crystal Zhang Tianai. Incidentally, Na Ying also trended for a joke she made during the finale when she said, “Debuting as part of the group is pretty useless”. She’s referring to how past girl groups who debuted in previous seasons don’t really have the usual activities of idols. Nonetheless, it was a spectacular night for the ladies. Congrats!

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