Cyndi Wang Continues to Dominate Chinese Music Charts After Her “Ride on Waves S3” Performance

Cyndi Wang Continues to Dominate Chinese Music Charts After Her "Ride on Waves S3" Performance
Photo: Cyndi Wang Ride on Waves S3 / Weibo

Forget waiting for the finale because Mandopop princess Cyndi Wang proves she still got that star power. The 39-year-old Taiwanese singer and actress is a contestant in the third season of the Mango TV’s comeback survival show Ride on Waves (formerly Sisters Who Make Waves). However, from the first episode alone, the pop star is already on the fast track to making that “comeback” what with a huge resurgence of interest in her previous works. All that with minimal screen time too.

Following her solo stage singing hit song Love You (Ai Ni) 愛你 donning a school uniform, the popstar enjoyed an extra boost in popularity after many Netizens say her performance brought them back to their childhood. So much so that she’s been trending all over the Weibo hot search and on Chinese music charts like QQ. A peek at today’s QQ Music Chart (May 26) shows Cyndi practically slaying the Top 20 – save for three spots on the list, her name is pretty much THE ONLY ONE on the top 20 list!

Cyndi Wang

Smiling Pasta and Nicholas Teo

All this interest in Cyndi has also bled over to her Smiling Pasta 微笑 Pasta co-star Nicholas Teo who himself has been on the receiving end of renewed attention from fans and Netizens. A few days ago, the Malaysian-Chinese singer and actor took to social media to express his gratitude when “Smiling Pasta”, “Nicholas Teo He Qun” (栋梁 何群) and “Little Turtle Tears from Polaris” (小乌龟 北极星的眼泪) – songs he sang for the drama’s OST, became some of the most searched keywords on Chinese social media.

Smiling Pasta

“Have been receiving a lot of messages telling me about this. #1, #4 and #6 are great numbers. Thank you everyone for keeping (us) in mind” he wrote.

The “Cyndi Wang Effect”?

If Chinese internet now has Liu Genghong girls (刘耕宏女孩) following the Taiwanese celebrity’s viral workouts, it seems Cyndi Wang has a following of Wang Xinling boys (王心凌男孩). Many have been posting videos of themselves dancing to her song Ai Ni, but it’s definitely her somewhat older male fans who’ve been supporting her since her debut 19 years ago that have drawn attention. And it appears they’re a determined lot in trying to figure out how to amass votes so that Cyndi Wang can win. This seems to have prompted Ride on Waves to issue a statement that there is actually no online voting for the show. Nonetheless, there are also reports that Mango TV’s stock has jumped up when her fans purchased the company’s stock in droves to support her.

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