Now a Successful Fitness Influencer in Shanghai, Will Liu Shares a Workout Session with Wu Chun and Benny Chan’s Families

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What do you do when your city is under a strict Covid-19 lockdown? You workout of course. Taiwanese singer-actor-host Will Liu Keng Hung and his wife Vivi Wang have become fitness influencers based in Shanghai. Here’s a super cute look at Will’s kids doing virtual PE with their dad and his Where Are We Going, Dad? Season 5 爸爸去哪儿第五季 co-star Wu Chun’s kids. They’re also joined virtually by Hong Kong actor Benny Chan’s family, all of whom are now Shanghai residents.

Will Liu and Wu Chun’s family are both fairly new transplants to the city. Will emigrated from his native Taiwan in 2021. Wu Chun on the other hand made the big move to Shanghai just in time to hit the start of the lockdown in March.

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Will Liu doing fitness in Shanghai
Left: Will Liu and Vivi Wang during one of their live-streamed workouts; Right: Will’s virtual PE class with the kids

It seems live-streaming might be the way to go for celebs (and non-celebs!) hoping to do something productive whilst at home. Whereas we’ve yet to hear about Wu Chun’s next endeavour which is totally understandable since he just uprooted his entire family from Brunei barely a month ago, Will on the other hand has been super into fitness with his wife.

In fact, the newly dubbed fitness influencer and his wife Vivi Wang have been live-streaming their fitness routines quite regularly, encouraging folks to move their bodies even whilst stuck at home. That’s probably why leading the virtual PE session with the kids seems to be perfectly on-brand for him!

But speaking of Where Are We Going, Dad? S5 co-stars, it looks like Jordan Chan and Cherry Ying‘s son Jasper didn’t quite manage to make it to “class”, leading Will to cheekily tag his friend telling him there’s a 30 minute make-up session at 19H30 that evening.

Will Liu, Wu Chun and Benny Chan’s Kids Show Getting that Work Out In Isn’t a Problem Thanks to Technology!

Guess that’s really the “new normal” now huh – at least until we finally manage to get the pandemic under control. Until then, this is your daily reminder to get that workout in and get those endorphins flowing. *lol*

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