Wu Chun Makes a Big Move from Brunei to China

Guess who just made China his new home? Singer-actor Wu Chun revealed that he and his family have moved to China! Taking to social media to share photos of the ginormous pile of luggage accompanying them for the big move from Brunei to their new home, Wu Chun wrote: “yep, we moved to China. New lifestyle, new dreams and new experiences. Looking forward to making more beautiful memories.

And in case you’re wondering how much stuff they did take with them, Wu Chun said it’s 23 suitcases and 450 kilograms worth of stuff. Thankfully, both his kids Nei Nei and Max were ready to give him a hand. After all, “a family’s unity is their strength” he said.

Wu Chun moves to China!

Whilst travelling around China with his family last year, it was rumoured that Wu Chun was already making plans to move to Shanghai with his family and that he and his wife were looking around for suitable local schools in preparation. Turns out he was hitting two birds with one stone since he was also there to film a variety show.

Lockdown the Celebrity Way

Prior to the move, Wu Chun also popped up some photos to share how they spent their 30 days in isolation after completing filming obligations in China and returning home to Brunei. If you’re wondering how celebs spend their days in quarantine … it doesn’t look that much of a hardship tbh. Seems the family had a lot of fun spending time together .. making yummy looking food and baking cakes whilst also remaining pretty active. The family rode their scooters on the basketball court behind the house, cycling around together and playing tennis or badminton. Did I mention there’s also a pool and a water slide?

The peek into their life whilst under quarantine definitely looks like they all had a grand time. So much so that Chinese Netizens even commented “other people’s life in isolation is fancier that my non-isolation life”. Others pointed out that despite the pandemic remaining a serious concern, this proves how you can still live a meaningful life.

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