Wu Chun Proudly Talks About Daughter Neinei’s Cello Performance for the Sultan of Brunei

Wu CHun
Wu Chun and Neinei
Wu Chun and Daughter Neinei posing for Brunei’s National Day

Talk about following in her father’s (musical) footsteps! It appears an ear for music and a flair for performance runs in the family for singer-actor Wu Chun after his daughter Neinei performed a cello piece in front of Brunei’s Sultan Bolkiah for the country’s National Day on the 23rd. Reports say that Neinei completed her performance without any stage fright at all which is really amazing!

Wu Chun was a proud papa bursting at the seams when he shared a bunch of photos featuring his daughter with her cello. One of the photos even showed Neinei standing next to the Sultan together with some of the other performers whilst her father looked on proudly from the back.

Neinei with the King of Brunei and fellow performers

Today is Brunei’s National Day and Neinei is honoured to play the cello in front of the Sultan. Also took photo standing next to him. This papa is really proud of her” captioned Wu Chun. The actor also happily recounted his daughter telling him the Sultan even patted her on the shoulder to cheer her on. “She told me that she would be lucky this year” he says, also praising his daughter for being “better than her dad”.

Neinei and her cello

At ten years old, Neinei is the eldest amongst Wu Chun’s two children with wife and longtime sweetheart Lin Liyin. She has a brother named Max who is three years younger.

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