By2 Studio Tags Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Again, This Time Saying “See You in Court”

By2 Studio Tags Wang Leehom's Ex-Wife Again, This Time Saying See You in Court
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On January 29, Singaporean duo By2 released a statement through their studio with the message, “Lee Jinglei, see you in court!” Earlier this month, they had challenged Wang Leehom’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei to provide evidence after the latter insinuated that Yumi Bai was a third-party in their marriage. They also included a lawyer’s letter directed at a portion of online users spreading defamatory comments to stop infringing on Yumi’s rights or they will be taking legal action.

Translation of the statement from By2 Studio:

By2 Studio Tags Wang Leehom's Ex-Wife Again, This Time Saying See You in Court

Earlier, Miss Lee Jinglei publicly insinuated that Yumi intruded in her marriage and asked for the contact information of the police to provide evidence.

The truth is: Yumi and Wang Leehom dated from 2012 to 2013 and it was known by all of their close friends. There was never any intrusion in other people’s marriages.

When confronted, Miss Lee Jinglei has shifted the focus many times and has yet to provide any evidence. Perhaps because police stations and courts don’t compare to the virtual world, maliciously misleading and fabricating evidence are crimes. From beginning to end, we have been trying to defend our rights.

The feedback received from the police so far is:
Miss Lee Jinglei is not in the Mainland, so the Mainland police could not summon her immediately. Nonetheless, we took action and finally took the first difficult step in defending our rights and filed a lawsuit in court.

The law looks at the evidence, not the “little essay”.

The Internet is not a place outside the law. In a society ruled by law, we should never ignore the law! In order to satisfy her selfish desires, Miss Lee Jinglei used netizens to drive public opinion and kill people through cyberbullying.

It may take us hundreds of days or more to hold the rumour-mongers accountable, but we’re willing to work for it. If, as a public figure, you do not have the courage to defend your rights, how will more victims of cyber violence deal in the future?

We may have to experience obstacles that are unimaginable to everyone going forward. But we still believe in justice, choosing to hand over everything to the legal system and waiting for a fair judgment.@李靚蕾Jinglei See you in court.

Lee Jingllei Has Not Yet Responded

Lee Jinglei who lives in Taiwan received a wave of support after her first round of accusations against ex-husband Wang Leehom last December. She had also called out By2’s Yumi by tagging her online. Reports say Yumi attempted suicide. Furthermore, By2’s Miko went online to say that the person closest to her was in the hospital.

The back and forth between Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehom resumed earlier this month before simmering down. In response to By2 tagging her and claiming they messaged her to cooperate with the police, Lee Jinglei previously posted a clip seemingly showing that By2 studio never sent her a message. By2 had strong words for Lee Jinglei today. Lee Jinglei who has kept silent for over two weeks already has yet to make a response.

With different parties involved saying different things, it seems that public opinion is becoming mixed as the scandal drags on. Some are calling for Lee Jinglei to release the evidence that she says she has.

Lee Jinglei BY2 Studio
Lee Jinglei showing that “By2 Studio” did not appear in the results when she made a search on Weibo

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