Lee Jinglei Fires Back at By2’s Yumi Who is a Rumored Third Party in Her Marriage to Wang Leehom

Lee Jinglei Fires Back at By2's Yumi Who is the Rumored Third Party in Her Marriage
Photos: Lee Jinglei and By2 Yumi / Weibo

Before Lee Jinglei accused her singer ex-husband Wang Leehom of numerous infidelities, a rumor had cropped up following their divorce. A netizen claiming to be a friend of Yumi Bai of the Singaporean duo By2 alleges that Wang Leehom had been cheating on Lee Jinglei even before marriage. The netizen claims Yumi only found out she was the third party when she learned about his marriage in 2013, yet kept contact after and would send nudes to him. Along with the accusation were photos of Wang Leehom with Yumi and even her older twin sister Miko.

By2 Wang Leehom
Photo from the now-deleted post / Facebook

Wang Leehom’s manager and By2 studio threaten legal action

Both Leehom’s manager and By2 Studio slammed the false rumors and expressed their intention to take legal action. By2 studio further explained that the netizen used a group photo from the celebratory party for Mr. Wang Leehom’s 2013 concert and cropped out the two to start rumors and it has caused serious damage to BY2’s reputation. The netizen’s post has since been deleted.

Lee Jinglei Fires Back

With Lee Jinglei’s tell-all late evening on December 17 also claiming that one of Wang Leehom’s unnamed sex partners kept contact even after they got married and had sent nudes for his birthday, it seems By2’s Yumi is once again under the spotlight. In response to the rumors, By2 studio issued a statement at 4am on December 18 saying, ” ​​​People’s words are terrible, words are destructive and words can kill. Sorry to trouble the police comrades in the middle of the night, for your hard work!” They also included a photo of a police report for a slander casses filed by Peh Wei Ling aka Yumi. However, Lee Jinglei fires back with her latest move. She left a comment, “Please give me the contact information for the police, I will provide evidence, thank you” and also shared it on her Weibo page.

Brands Drop Wang Leehom

It seems that the singer is starting to get cancelled as he has lost many endorsements overnight. Car brand Infiniti was the first having issued a statement at 1am on December 18, over an hour since Lee Jinglei launched her accusations. It also makes for a very short-lived endorsement since Wang Leehom became their brand ambassador on December 17. Wang Leehom was seen this morning with his manager at Beijing airport. He even waved to the camera. His side has not made any comments.

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