Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Takes to the Internet with an Explosive Post Against Him

Wang Leehom's Ex-Wife Takes to the Internet with an Explosive Post Against Him

Two days after Wang Leehom announced the end of his 8-year marriage, his ex-wife Lee Jinglei has turned to social media with a detailed exposé accusing him of emotional abuse, cheating and being absent while she raised their three kids. She says, “Writing this letter is the most difficult decision I have ever made… Life is really not easy. I think, only through facing it bravely and honestly can everything go back to zero. So we can each have the opportunity for rebirth. I also hope that my sharing this can bring some reflection to those of you who are stuck or about to embark in this journey.”

“You Hope to Have Many Kids and Kept Wanting to Have More”

Lee Jinglei reveals that she gave up her job and her own life to put her husband and the kids at the center of everything. She says, “Through most of our marriage, I’m either preparing for pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding.” She admits that she agreed to have the pregnancies and likes kids herself but had she known that he would want to leave home and lead the “single life” after she gave birth and that she’d be raising them like a single mother, she wouldn’t have agreed. She adds, “But, I don’t regret, because our three kids are my everything.”

She claims she was emotionally abused by him and his family

Lee Jinglei discusses that being a housewife is like a 24-hour job, yet she knows many housewives who have no personal savings or income. She says, “Married to you for many years, constantly doubted by you and your family… humiliated and emotionally abused.” She reveals she was forced to sign an unfair prenup. She can accept that he wants to protect his wealth from before their marriage, but says what they acquired after marriage are through both of their efforts. She writes, “The house is under your name, the car is under your mom’s name. The property transfer is very clean, for fear that I’d take advantage of you.” She says she lived simply but doesn’t understand why she has to endure his family’s distrust and humiliation. She also says the one who controls all his assets and won’t let him use it is not her, but she claims he used her to take back control. She writes, “I don’t benefit from this. Only you, you’re the boss.”

“The one who made a mistake was you.”

Lee Jinglei says that she and Wang Leehom’s mom were subjected to negative news. When she asked him to help clear things up, he said he couldn’t because he already made a statement about making no further comments. Yet when it came to news about him allegedly cheating, he immediately took action. She says, “I’m done bearing your crosses for you.” She brings up a certain Wu and says only they know if they had a relationship or not.

Lee Jinglei says they met when she was 16 and he was 26. She says he asked for his number when she was still underage. When they finally had sex and he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship, she kept dating him because she loved him, that is until she discovered he had many similar “friends” in different cities. She says she wanted to break things off but he said she would be the only one.

She says he still had different sex partners even after marriage. She adds, “Even if it was illegal, you flew to her house for a get together.” She says she also discovered that he has kept a record of prostitutes he was with. Despite everything, she forgave him. Then he wanted a divorce. Because she wouldn’t agree, she claims he would find ways to verbally bully her, humiliate her and make up things about her.

“I Didn’t Tell Anyone”

Lee Jinglei says she didn’t tell friends anything and protected their family. However, she says Wang Leehom was absent during the kids’ birthdays and important dates and that he would leave for months at a time. She says, “my heart breaks looking at the kids crying.” She reveals that the reason she’s speaking up now is because she doesn’t want other women to experience what she has. She also wishes that in the future, powerful people will be prohibited from using the marketing to control and influence public opinion.

On his ex-wife’s explosive accusations, Wang Leehom’s side has yet to make a response.

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