By2 Studio Challenges Lee Jinglei: “Cooperate with the Police on the Investigation into Your Rumour-Mongering”

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Last December, verbal shots were fired between Wang Leehom’s ex wife Lee Jinglei and By2’s Yumi Bai after the latter filed a police report for slander countering the rumours that she was a third party in Leehom and Jinglei’s marriage. “Please give me the contact information for the police, I will provide evidence, thank you” fired back Lee Jinglei.

After Yumi tried to explain her side, Lee Jinglei directly tagged her in her response. She quoted Yumi’s statement about having deleted each other on WeChat in 2015 and said that it was because they switched to using Whatsapp. Lee Jinglei also included a screencap of Yumi’s alleged Whatsapp message that had a nude photo for a profile pic.

Lee Jinglei's post from Weibo
Lee Jinglei’s post from Weibo

On January 10, By2 Studio issued another statement to call out Lee Jinglei, “reminding” her to contact the police. “It has been 21 days since Miss Lee publicly asked for the police contact’s information. However, the police are still waiting for you to get in touch with them. Miss Lee who is not based in the mainland, please cooperate with the police to complete the criminal investigation into your rumour-mongering and slander” said the By2 statement. Directly tagging Lee Jinglei, the statement also says “Justice may be late, but never absent. Salute to every police officer. Thank you for your hard work!”

Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehom have already been silent after the scandal blew up in December. Lee Jinglei also said that she hoped things could come to a conclusion. While the ones involved have stopped talking, some rumors pertaining to the scandal have continued to crop up online. Meanwhile, Yumi’s sister Miko Bai broke her silence at the beginning of the new year to express her hopes “that the person whom I care about the most can be discharged soon.” There were previous reports that Yumi Bai attempted suicide but some had claimed it was fake.

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