Lee Jinglei Hopes Things Can Come to an End In Her Latest Statement and Apologizes to Innocent People Drawn Into the Scandal

Lee Jinglei
Lee Jinglei

Things have been pretty quiet following Wang Leehom’s statement that he will be taking a temporary hiatus from the industry. However, when Netizens started to put the heat on people suspected to be involved, Lee Jinglei issued another statement putting Christine Fan and Blackie Chen in the clear. Netizens noticed though that Vivian Hsu was not mentioned in the clarification, causing fingers to once again point at her. There were also rumours trickling in that By2’s Yumi Bai was in hospital for attempted suicide which some contested. Lee Jinglei issued a statement as well to say that enough was enough.

Vivian Hsu and Her Husband Threaten Legal Action

Previously, Vivian had already fired back when Netizens connected her to the entire Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei divorce saga. Jinglei hinted that her husband rushed to the house of a married woman who had kids even if he knew doing so would mean he will be violating restrictions. With attacks directed at her again, Vivian issued no less than three statements (so far) to deny that she was a third party in the relationship. The actress demanded for the slanderous comments and statements attacking her to be retracted lest they want to face the legal consequences. Vivian also emphasised that she has never strayed nor cheated on her husband. “My heart hurts and I feel helpless. Yet I must stand up for myself once again to make it clear what I didn’t do, and defend my reputation” she said.

On December 23, Vivian’s Singapore businessman husband Sean Lee also broke his silence to defend his wife. Issuing a statement through his lawyer, Sean said as Vivian’s other half, he felt distressed to see the slander and cyberbullying his wife had to endure. “I will not allow anyone hurt her and our family again” he said.

By2 Clarifies Rumours are False

Meanwhile, By2 also released a statement on December 23 calling out rumours that Yumi Bai merely took two tablets of melatonin and didn’t get her stomach pumped, or that she faked a police report, that her manager denied suicide as well as those about her love life are all fake. The statement also said that this was an attempt to slander Yumi and ruin her reputation. Seeing that the fallout has already impacted her negatively, By2 says they reserve the right to take legal action against those who spread the malicious lies.

Jinglei and Yumi’s public exchange first began over the police report the latter filed. It escalated further when Yumi took to social media to deny ever interfering in Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei’s marriage. She admits they dated in 2012 which from what she knew was before he began dating Lee Jinglei in 2013. Among Lee Jinglei’s responses where she directly tagged Yumi, she called out Yumi’s claims of having no communication in 2015 since they’d already deleted each other from WeChat. Lee Jinglei claims they switched to Whatsapp and even used a a nude photo as a profile photo. She also included an alleged screencap of Yumi’s message and profile photo at the time.

By2 statement

“Everyone Involved Has Paid the Price”

On December 23, Lee Jinglei issued a statement which she said she hopes can finally bring an end to the entire saga. “I’m sorry to the innocent people drawn into this. As for those who are involved in this incident, regardless of who you are, everyone has already paid a huge price for this” she said. Jinglei hopes everyone can now move forward and to return to living peacefully, and that anymore verbal abuse and bullying online will finally stop. “I hope that this matter will end here. I hope we can all heal the pain in our hearts, and the years ahead calm. For the change we have always hoped to see come into fruition.

Lee Jinglei final statement

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