Suddenly Linked to Wang Leehom’s Scandal, Vivian Hsu Threatens Legal Action

Suddenly Linked to Wang Leehom's Scandal, Vivian Hsu Threatens Legal Action
Photo: Vivian Hsu / Facebook

Among Lee Jinglei’s many accusations, she mentioned a married woman who is also a mother as one of Wang Leehom’s sexual partners and claims that the woman even wanted him to help her fool her husband. She wrote, “Even knowing that he violated the law, he rushed to her house to meet her.”

Although no name was mentioned, people speculated that she was referring to Taiwanese singer and actress Vivian Hsu. As a result, netizens have been leaving comments on her social media accounts. Wang Leehom previously made the news due to a picture posted by Vivian Hsu of a gathering her house that also included Blackie Chen, Christine Fan and Eric Chen. At the time, there were reports that Leehom was fined for breaching COVID-19 rules in Taiwan when he attended the gathering during his monitoring period.

On December 18, Vivian Hsu posted, “Regarding the unconfirmed insinuations or false reports alluding to Ms. Xu Ruoxuan (Vivian Hsu) today, as well as the malicious slander, resharing, and accusatory attacks by netizens, Weiweiyan Entertainment (威威巖娛樂公司) requests on behalf of Ms. Vivian Hsu the retraction of improper reports and statements, otherwise, they will resort to legal actions and the law will show no mercy.”

Meanwhile, Vivian Hsu is set to appear on Light the Night Season 2. Production thanked everyone for their concern and said promotion (for Light the Night) will not be affected. They also said everyone can look forward to the premiere on December 30.

Updated with her second post:

The same day, Vivian Hsu issued a statement on media reports about her neighbor. She said her neighbor must have misunderstood. She had Mr. Wang Leehom come to a house gathering twice with groups of people. Both times she shared on social media. She said they never met alone and she lives with family members so her home is always bustling. She said his marriage incident has gravely affected her. She wrote, “I have never overstepped nor wronged my husband! Speaking up for myself is because I have family, kids, friends, partners and work that I have to protect…” She also hopes that Wang Leehhom can clear things up soon.

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