Wang Leehom Takes Temporary Leave from Showbiz to Focus on His Parents and Children, Says Arguing About the Past is Meaningless

Wang Leehom Takes Temporary Leave from Showbiz
Photo: Wang Leehom and ex-wife Lee Jinglei / Weibo

Just last night, Wang Leehom and his ex-wife Lee Jinglei both said they were ready to respond to each other’s accusations. At noon on December 20, Leehom returns to social media with a change of heart. He has announced his decision to temporarily withdraw from showbiz as he sets aside time for his parents and children. He apologizes to everyone and says he won’t be giving any more explanations.

Wang Leehom Takes Temporary Leave from Showbiz

Full translation of his statement:

Thought it over, men should still take all the responsibility. I will no longer give any explanation and defence. I didn’t handle the marriage properly, caused trouble to my family, and failed to be the proper idol that I should’ve been to the public. It is all my fault. Here, I solemnly apologize to my parents, Jinglei and the children. Having divorced, arguing about the past is meaningless. From now on, I will pay attention to my words and deeds. I will take on the responsibilities of a father, son and public figure. Take care of Jinglei and the children as much as possible in their lives and economically. I am preparing to quit work temporarily and set aside time to accompany my parents and children to make up for the damage caused by this turmoil. Jinglei, we still have to take care of and raise three children together. I will transfer the house you live in to your name. I will also participate and bear the expenses in the whole process of raising the children and their education. This matter must be mainly due to my mishandling. Apologize to everyone again.”

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