Wang Leehom Denies Affair, Says His Ex-Wife Wanted Money Despite Appearing to Not Want a Cent, She Hits Back

Wang Leehom Denies Affair, Says They Gave More Money Than His Ex-Wife Admits to But She Hits Back Immediately
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Wang Leehom announced his divorce on December 15. On December 17, his ex-wife Lee Jinglei publicly aired her grievances. Alleged mistress Yumi Bai filed a case for slander on December 18. Vivian Hsu distances herself. Wang Leehom’s dad defended his son on December 19. That same night at 11:09pm, the 45-year-old singer-actor finally breaks his silence.

Wang Leehom Denies Affair and Allegations He Dated His Ex-Wife When She Was a Minor

Wang Leehom started off by saying, “Today is the hardest day of my life, an intensely painful nightmare. I have two difficulties, if I refute these false accusations, it’ll be bad for the mother of my three kids. But if I don’t respond, everyone will believe it to be true. So my social responsibility is to respond to each one while weighing how it’ll affect the mother of my three children.” Wang Leehom denies having an affair as he says, “I can say with certainty, I was not unfaithful to our marriage.”

He shares that he first met his ex-wife, who went by the name Nishimura Michiko at the time, in 2003 during his concert but he says they only started contact approximately ten years later. He says, “I told her “haven’t seen you in forever,” at the time, she was already 26, not a minor as she implied.” Leehom also included the alleged screencap of their convo.

On Their Marriage, “I lived in terror, under blackmail and threat.”

Leehom explains they got married on November 27, 2013 and began living separately since August 5, 2019. He says Lee Jinglei got pregnant not long after they got together. He was very happy since he has always wanted kids though they weren’t at the marrying stage yet. He claims Lee Jinglei coerced him into marrying her that very day or she’d disappear with the child. He agreed and they registered their marriage in New York City that day.

He says they had many problems during their marriage. He writes, “During the 5 years and 8 months, I lived in terror, under blackmail and threat.” As they were discussing their divorce, he claims that Lee Jinglei told the mediator that she’s willing to go to the media to destroy him if he doesn’t cooperate.

Leehom Lists Out Alleged Details from Their Settlement

Wang Leehom writes, “Lee Jinglei is not like her image of not wanting to take even a single cent.” At first, she wanted 200 million RMB (approx 31m USD), at the end, the version signed by both parties was a total of 150 million RMB (approx 23.5m USD) along with half the property in Los Angeles, half of the stock investments (in USD) and 210K RMB (approx 33k USD) monthly living allowance. This in addition to the nanny, driver, dedicated car, 24-hour helper, free to stay property in Taipei for 18 years, etc.” He says he hopes she can live comfortably but she always felt this was still too little.

Nonetheless, Leehom says money is not the issue but the children. Through his statement which he says is his only way to reach out to Jinglei, he asks her to target her anger towards him only and says the internet leaves a history. He asks her to stop leaving these records for their three children to face in the future and asks for her to let him see the kids. He ends his letter with an apology to Jinglei for not meeting standards as a husband as well as an apology for failing to handle his marriage well to the public, to the friends innocently pulled into this and to his parents. He intends to have a detailed response to Lee Jinglei’s long statement.

Lee Jinglei Refutes Leehom

Over 2 hours after Wang Leehom broke his silence, his ex-wife Lee Jinglei was back on social media with five points summarized below:

  1. On his statement that he didn’t cheat, she looks forward to his detailed response.
  2. She claims that they were involved since 2003 and many friends can prove it.
  3. She claims that she didn’t receive a dime and even included their alleged agreement stating how the wife waives the husband from any obligations to support the wife. She also point out that the LA property Leehom is referring to as well as their joint account are their own assets. She says it has nothing to do with the divorce. The only thing she confirms are the living and education expenses for the kids as well as the staff and the house he’s lending her for “free” for 18 years.
  4. Instead of Wang Leehom living in terror, she says the truth is the opposite. She also included alleged screenshots from their psychologist mentioning that a certain Bobby’s actions are mentally abusive to Sasha. She says Bobby is Leehom while Sasha is her nickname.
  5. She intends to continue responding.

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