Wang Leehom Confirms Divorce with Wife Lee Jinglei After 8 Years of Marriage

Wang Leehom Confirms Divorce with Wife Lee Jinglei
Photos: Wang Leehom and his ex-wife in 2019 for Valentine’s Day / Weibo

What initially started out as a divorce rumour turned out to be true. Today December 15, singer-songwriter Wang Leehom confirmed through a statement that he and his non-celebrity wife Lee Jinglei have indeed called it quits. The two were married for eight years and have three kids together.

“We Have Decided to Live Separate Lives”

In his short statement, Leehom said:

Jinglei and I live very simple private lives so we will not be responding to any media enquiries. In the years that we’ve been married, I’ve done so many things that I felt were inadequate, and I am regretful. Now we each have different ideas and plans for the future, hence we have decided to live separate lives. Although we have already filed the application, we will always remain a family. We ask for some privacy and space from the outside world and refrain from disturbing my family.  Thank you everyone for your concern.

Did They or Didn’t They?

In the past, the singer and his wife did not shy away from posting lovey-dovey photos on social media. However, folks have observed that they weren’t posting as much photos with each other in the past two years. In June, rumours of a rift between the couple have already been reported by the media. But this was quickly shot down the singer. Then in November, news that the couple have officially ended their eight year marriage and completed divorce proceedings started gathering traction once again.

When Taiwanese media first reported news of the couple’s separation earlier today, even Jinglei’s BFF Janet Hsieh was taken aback when reporters asked her about it during a press conference for the movie Loveboat, Taipei. “Oh, I may have to make a call to ask” replied a shocked Janet.

Not Getting Along

It’s speculated in the media that Jinglei’s tense relationship with her mother-in-law is one of the main reasons for the couple’s split. That plus reports that Leehom’s family didn’t approve of his marriage to Li Jinglei early on seems to be an issue that allegedly made her consider divorce. However any more about this was put on the backburner after she got pregnant.

Wang Leehom and his family

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