By2’s Miko Says the Person She Cares About the Most Is in the Hospital

By2's Miko Says the Person She Cares About the Most Is in the Hospital
Photo: By2 @mikokissy / Instagram

Two weeks since By2’s Yumi Bai was embroiled in the scandal surrounding Wang Leehom’s divorce and caught in a he-said she-said with his ex-wife Lee Jinglei, Miko Bai who is the older sister of the Singaporean twin duo breaks her silence. She reveals that rumors has brought much harm and seems to imply that her sister Yumi is still in the hospital when she said, “hope that the person whom I care about the most can be discharged soon.”

Translation of Miko’s statement posted on the first day of 2022:

New, year new wish. It’s a pity that the new year can’t take away the hurt caused by rumors. I hope the person whom I care about the most can be healthy again and discharged from the hospital as soon as possible. Social pressure over the years is huge. Some people learn to endure, but more than 75% of adults in the world have not found an outlet to vent their emotions. We should spend a little more time to care about and love more important people.

Having been in the industry for over 13 years, I’ve seen many things and experienced big winds and waves. But it doesn’t mean being neither aggressive nor conciliatory with everything. I am defending my youth and dreams. I have never forgotten that I entered the industry because of my passion for music. I’ve never forgotten that fighting outside without my family by my side, I still believe that I can be strong on my own.

Don’t judge a person based on what others say. Because a virtuous man does not stand next to a wall about to collapse. Does a bottle of soda taste good? Only if you drink it yourself can you make a judgment. Be good to others, don’t be evil to others. There are cracks in everything. That’s where light comes in.

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