Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Concerned for Their Safety, Says She’s Not Suicidal and Shares the Story of Him Bringing Three Men to Her Home Which His Camp Refutes

Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehom

The battle of the exes continues to rage as Lee Jinglei breaks her weeks long silence to share a lengthy post detailing her concerns for herself and her children’s safety. She claims Wang Leehom insisted on bringing into her home three men during his visitation without her consent. Previously, Leehom’s ex-wife issued a statement which she said she hopes will put an end to the entire ordeal playing out in public. However, recent developments seemed to have pushed Jinglei to make another post airing her concerns where she also challenged Wang Leehom’s previous apology as being insincere. Jinglei claimed the apology was only given to make himself look good for the public and to make her stop releasing any more exposés against him.

According to Jinglei, she asked Leehom not to bring his staff members along because she felt it was not in the children’s best interest to interact with unfamiliar people. “I think when the children spend time with you, it should be in a space where they have privacy and feel comfortable in. There is no need for anyone else to come into our home to supervise”. Moreover, she also added that since it’s just her in the house with their three kids, she asked him not to bring anyone else as having men around gave her concerns for their personal safety. Jinglei revealed that part of their divorce agreement included a stipulation that requires both party’s consent if anyone else else will be coming during visitation hours.  

Wang Leehom caught on CCTV camera
Jinglei shares CCTV footage saying she was alarmed to see a third man lurking in the back together with the two men Leehom brought with him

However, Wang Leehom allegedly disregarded her repeated objections and arrived with the two men in tow, even threatening to leave and not see the children if she didn’t let them into the house. The singer supposedly also asked her to switch off the surveillance cameras during his visitation which she thought was unusual since any footage captured by the camera will protect them both.

“If Anything Happens, It Won’t be Because of Suicide”

Meanwhile, there were claims going around online that Leehom did not come forward to defend his side of the story because he feared it might push Jinglei to jump off the roof and commit suicide. “I am physically and mentally healthy and I have three very young kids to care for. I have many plans for the future to be a contributing member of society that it’s impossible for me to contemplate thoughts of suicide. If anything happens to me, it won’t be because of suicide” said the mother of three.

Jinglei had mentioned how Leehom supposedly told her a staff member super close to him not only had a criminal record in Taiwan but was also very familiar with the local underworld. She claims he even tried to see her.

Wang Leehom’s Camp Responds

Wang Leehom’s camp refuted his ex-wife’s allegations saying that the house is just next to the police station and that Lee Jinglei has an overactive imagination. They also said that if it were true, wouldn’t she have called the police? “The three people have been assisting both husband and wife for twelve years. One is Leehom’s personal bodyguard.” The singer’s team also said that if Ms. Lee has any evidence to please file a lawsuit and let the justice system resolve the problem once and for all. “At present, Leehom only wants to see his kids. Even if they can no longer be husband and wife, please consider the best interest of the children and do not hinder the visits.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jinglei responded once more with another long post of which she claims to have called the police.

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