“Shine! Super Brothers 2” Cast Revealed, Vanness Wu Asked if He’s Worried About Being Compared to Jerry Yan Who’s on a Rival Show

"Shine! Super Brothers 2" Cast Revealed, Vanness Wu Asked if He's Worried About Being Compared to Jerry Yan Who's on a Rival Show

At the recent Youku event, Shine! Super Brothers 2 追光吧2 has formally introduced the 21 male celebrity contestants for its upcoming season. Many of the leaked information about the cast turned out to be right on the money.

Somehow, they’ve got two iconic actors leading the pack. Hong Kong star Francis Ng who first debuted in 1982 is the oldest as he will turn 60 in December. Dicky Cheung who debuted in 1984 is 56 years old. K-pop star Nichkhun who made his debut as a member of the boy band 2PM in 2008 is confirmed as one of the contestants. He’s not the only one from Thailand, however, as Thai-Taiwanese actor Bie Thassapak Hsu who starred in web dramas like 2019’s My Girlfriend is an Alien also joins.

Although Shine! Super Brothers season 1 aired first, this year’s Call Me By Fire on MGTV literally ran with the idea of an all-male talent show. With Jerry Yan among the show’s talked about contestants, it’s interesting to see Shine! Super Brothers season 2 getting Jerry’s fellow F4 member Vanness Wu onboard. Both debuted together through the TV series Meteor Garden two decades ago. At the Youku event to unveil Shine! Super Brothers 2, an interviewer mentioned how a fellow F4 member is on the other show and asked whether Vanness is worried that people would compare them to each other. Vanness responds, “Used to it already hahaha. Right, but I think it’s fine, not really (worried). If there’s a chance, Vic Chou and Ken Chu should come on the show too.”

Meanwhile, Jin Xing returns as a host along with Gina Jin Chen and (G)I-DLE member Song Yuqi as new additions to the show.

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