“Call Me by Fire”, The Male Equivalent of “Sisters Who Make Waves” Offers Fans Throwbacks to “Meteor Garden” and More

"Call Me by Fire", The Male Equivalent of "Sisters Who Make Waves" Offers Fans Throwbacks to "Meteor Garden" and More
Call Me By Fire promotioanal posters

With the jiejies making waves for two seasons now, it’s now the men’s turn to show everyone their performing chops in the brand new comeback reality show Call Me By Fire 披荆斩棘的哥哥 that premiered on August 12. Like Sisters Who Make Waves, there’s lots of familiar faces waiting to be seen and voices to be heard in the line-up of 33 male celebs (all aged 30 and above of course) starting off with Hong Kong actors Jordan Chan who’s the eldest in this group at age 54, and Julian Cheung, not to mention the original Dao Mingsi himself, Jerry Yan whose throwback to his Meteor Garden days will give you all the retro feels!

If the three that I’ve mentioned wasn’t enough to whet your curiosity, what about Leon Zhang Yunlong, Michael Tse or Andrew Yin Zheng? Hope you’re all starting to get excited now!

Here’s the full list of celebs in Mango TV’s all male comeback show – Paul Wong of the Hong Kong rock band Beyond, Taiwanese singer Terry Lin Zhixuan, HK stars Jerry Lamb, Edmond Leung, Chinese action stars Vincent Zhao, Max Zhang Jin, Chinese singers Chen Hui, Zhang Qi, Huang Zheng, Hu Haiquan of the soft rock duet Yu Quan, rappers Yao Zhaongren (MC Hotdog), GAI, Ouyang Jing (MC Jin), KEY.L Liu Cong, pianist Li Yundi, Ao Quan (Owodog), Joy of Life star Liu Duanduan, Korean stars James Lee Joo-hyun, Nathan Lee Seung-hyun, Love is Sweet star Kido Gao Hanyu, Henry Prince Mak who’s formerly a member of Jackie Chan’s boyband JJCC, Liu Jia, Ricky Rui Qi, Li Xiang, Bai Jugang (Congo Pax) and Cheng Jianqiao aka Bridge.

A throwback to their The Young and Dangerous days, Jordan Chan rocks it out with Jerry Lamb and Michael Tse as they perform Friendship Days
Liu Duanduan sang Richie Ren‘s classic 心太软 gets a shout out from the singer himself on social media
Zhang Yunlong’s solo performance

A Throwback for Meteor Garden Fans

Clearly, the show knows their stuff and the impact it’ll have with audiences when they put in Jerry Yan singing THE iconic song from when he became a huge star almost two decades ago – Meteor Rain 流星雨. I mean, how can they not right when people automatically think of the former F4 member when the song plays on the radio? Forgive me if I fangirl here a little bit, but not gonna lie, watching that clip gave me chills and really brought me back. But wow Jerry pretty much looks the same.

Meteor Rain performed by Jerry Yan, Leon Zhang Yunlong, Li Yundi, Vincent Zhao and Liu Duanduan

Many people know Jerry because of his role as Dao Mingsi and he admitted that when he was younger he had always wanted to break away from being associated with that character. Now that he’s older, Jerry said he has learned to embrace the persona and be grateful for the opportunities the role has afforded him. If you wanna see more of him singing solo and be transported back, here’s another one of just him singing Meteor Rain.

Also, that group performance really hit that throwback out of the ballpark. Aside from Jerry, how refreshing was it to see action star Vincent Zhao’s softer side? And also … that eye to eye moment Leon Zhang Yunlong had with Jerry which you’d typically see when singers do ballads eh? Okay gonna stop fangirling now *lol*

… And Then There Were Thirty Two

Call Me by Fire announces Huo Zun's Withdrawal
Huo Zun withdraws from the competition

That’s right, with the Call Me by Fire competition barely starting, it seems from thirty three contestants, the men are suddenly down to thirty two as the singer Huo Zun whose name was recently involved in a cheating scandal, just announced his withdrawal from the competition the same evening that the show premiered. After his ex-girlfriend Chen Lu exposed his cheating as well as some of the rather inappropriate comments and complaints he made about the show, there really was no other option especially when faced with people clamouring for him to quit.

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