Sisters Who Make Waves Debuts New Chinese Girl Group ‘Priceless Sisters’ of Jiejie’s Aged 30 and Up

sisters who make waves

Chinese reality show Sisters Who Makes Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐 held a live finale last night to finally announce its seven winners after almost four months of competition. Ning Jing who won by a landslide took the number one spot while Wang Feifei who was one of the fan favorites, sadly didn’t make the cut. 

The Seven “Priceless Sisters” 无价之姐

#1: Ning Jing with 3,242,082 votes
#2: Wan Qian with 2,861,152 votes
#3: Meng Jia with 2,562,282 votes
#4: Lissi Danni with 2,363,975 votes
#5: Kitty Zhang Yuqi with 2,233,799 votes
#6: Yisa Yu Kewei with 2,121,028 votes
#7: Huang Ling with 2,024,793 votes

Ning Jing’s Acceptance Speech

After expressing her thanks to the audience, the teachers and everyone else, Ning Jing gave an unusual acceptance speech. She said “I don’t really want to be in a group because I am not very good at conforming… This award today belongs to all of us, it’s not an individual award but it’s all of ours. Earlier, Huang Ling said that she only wants to debut with her 7 jiejie (sisters), I am the same. I only want to be in a group with my 7 jiejie, so I don’t really want to be in a group. But it’s more important that I got this award, I want to go back on this, I won 1st place but I don’t want to debut!….”

ning jing

Ning Jing then introduces the five ladies in her team who didn’t make the cut (A Duo, Yumiko Cheng, Wang Feifei, and Lyric Lan) and kept saying she wants to debut with her original 7-member team only. With Ning Jing’s blunt personality, it’s not really surprising for her to say what she said as the ladies have gotten quite close to each other after many rounds of competition.

Many fans were disappointed that Wang Feifei who used to be part of the South Korean girl group Miss A with Meng Jia didn’t make the cut. The lasting friendship between the two was constantly highlighted in and outside the show and it is so touching! Watching Wang Feifei tear up during the finale left everyone heartbroken as fans wanted both Fei and Jia to debut together again.

meng jia and wang feifei

Former Miss A Members Wang Feifei and Meng Jia

Wang Feifei took to social media to express her congratulations to Jia, “Take my love and run forward! I will keep on fighting and so will you! This is a promise! This summer! Amazing! We rehearsed through the night, supported each other, lit the stage, shared stories and cried like fools. I enjoyed every moment, love every jiejie. Are we riding the wind and waves? That’s right, but each of us, the 30 jiejie, which of us didn’t create a storm as we lived in our respective worlds. Thank you for telling me that there is such an unlimited road to walk on. Thank you for being beautiful, handsome and hardworking, for telling the world that over 30, there are unlimited possibilities! Thank you to all the lang hua (audience), without you, the journey of the Sisters Who Make Waves wouldn’t have been so bright. I will become stronger and live up to everything. We are priceless! All the jiejie, all the ladies, all the moms, you too, are priceless.” Meng Jia had an equally sweet response, “My love, in this lifetime I am destined to always be with you in a group, I love you! Summer of 2020, I’ll remember you.”

Sisters Who Makes Waves is about 30 female celebrities aged 30+ competing on a survival show for a second or first chance to debut to debut in a girl group. Needless to say, fans are excited to see what the Priceless Sisters will have in store in the future! 

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