Louis Koo’s K-Pop Girl Group SKYLE Makes Its Debut

skyle members Ujeong, Erin, Chaehyeon and Ginny
SKYLE members Ujeong, Erin, Chaehyeon and Ginny

A new girl group has come to town this August 4 as the four member Chinese and South Korean group SKYLE is all ready to hit the airwaves. Originally slated for a July 19 debut, the release of their debut single Fly Up High – had to be pushed back because the members had to undergo a two week quarantine after a staff member was confirmed to have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid.  Luckily, it appears all systems are now go after their two week timeout and everyone testing negative.

Hong Kong actor and producer Louis Koo has setup Good Luck Entertainment, the Korean division of his entertainment company One Cool Jasco Entertainment, since 2018. If it sounds quite far-fetched that Louis Koo would be dabbling in K-pop, he is actually not the first to do so. Action star Jackie Chan launched the boyband JJCC in 2014.

A project of Good Luck Entertainment, SKYLE stands for “Show the Kinetic and Youth Leading a new Episode”. Its members include Chaehyeon, the group’s leader and main vocals; Ginny, the band’s Chinese rapper and dancer; Erin who’s also a vocalist and the band’s centre visual, and group’s youngest and main dancer Ujeong. All four ladies were handpicked from auditions around Asia with idol training ranging from three to seven years under their belt.

And so, without further ado, here’s Ujeong, Erin, Chaehyeon and Ginny of Skyle.

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