Back to the Past Heralds the Return of Louis Koo, Raymond Lam and A Step Into The Past’s Original Cast in the Movie Sequel

Back to the Past sees Raymond Lam's character going against his mentor played by Louis Koo

Twenty years after A Step Into the Past 寻秦记 saw a modern day Louis Koo thrown back in time to play a hand in the beginnings of the Qin dynasty, the original Hong Kong cast returns to bring us a movie version in the similarly titled Back to the Past! Yep, Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Sonija Kwok and more are back in front of the cameras to reprise their roles in the movie, looking none the worse for wear save for a wee bit of grey at the temples at least for the men. Meanwhile, the ladies pretty much appear like they haven’t aged much at all!

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Twenty years later, the chasm between master and disciple grows bigger as grievances between Louis Koo’s Siu Long and Raymond Lam’s Ying Ching (First Emperor of Qin) intensify. The beginning scene alone serves to underscore the shift in the pair’s relationship with Ying Ching confronting Siu Long (in modern day clothes) and threatening to eliminate anyone who goes against him. The fact that he doesn’t hesitate to point a sword against his mentor is also rather telling.

Back to the Past Heralds the Return of Louis Koo, Raymond Lam and A Step Into The Past's Original Cast in the Movie Sequel
A Step into the Past vs Back to the Past 20 years later

It also appears Back to the Past will be introducing another time traveler from the modern world with Ying Ching’s reference to “a man from your world that won’t let me go”. The man, Ken, seems hell bent on changing history to become emperor as payback for the life he feels he is owed due to being imprisoned unjustly. Torn between letting history run its course and stopping the mysterious Ken from his plans or putting his family at risk, audiences will surely be in for a griping new adventure in this brand new sequel. Kevin Kam-Yin Chu also joins the cast as Siu Long’s son.

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