Nichkhun is in China as “Shine Super Brothers 2” Starts Filming

Nichkhun is in China as "Shine Super Brothers 2" Starts Filming

Shine Super Brothers Season 2 追光吧哥哥2, the all-male Chinese talent competition for celebrities, has started filming. With the show having a less than ideal reception last year and Call Me By Fire doing great this year, it seems that Shine Super Brothers will have to pull out all the stops if they hope to turn things around for their second season.

The show has not yet been officially announced, yet all eyes are already on the contestants. On October 12, K-pop star Nichkhun was spotted in Wuxi, China in casual denim shorts, a black hoodie and a red cap. The fact that the Thai idol is at the place where Shine Super Brothers is filming has led to assumptions that he is indeed joining the show.

Nichkhun is in China as "Shine Super Brothers 2" Starts Filming
Photo: Weibo TV

Nichkhun first rose to fame as part of the boy band 2PM. He also has amassed many Khuntoria fans to this day, which is Nichkhun’s couple name with Chinese singer-actress Victoria Song when they were on the South Korean reality program We Got Married in 2011 (would it be too crazy to hope for a reunion?). Nichkhun has actually starred in Chinese dramas in the past. However, his most recent TV appearance was his cameo with Chansung in the hit Korean drama Vincenzo that starred their fellow 2PM member Taecyeon.

If proven to be true, this will mark Nichkhun’s comeback project in C-ent. He would undoubtedly make a strong contender on the talent show as a well-rounded performer. Other celebs also presumed to be in Shine Super Brothers 2 are Hong Kong star Dicky Cheung, cross talker Shang Jiuxi, R1SE member Liu Ye, actor Jiang Chao and Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen because they were all previously spotted arriving at the Wuxi airport. Update: Nichkhun has been confirmed as a contestant on the show.

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