Now a Youtuber, Ken Chu Says He’s Doing the Worst Out of F4 and Once Had No Income for Over a Year

Now a Youtuber, Ken Chu Says He's Doing the Worst Out of F4 and Once Had No Income for Over a Year
Ken Chu and wife Vivien Han

It’s been two decades since Ken Chu rose to fame as part of F4 through the 2001 Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden. When asked how much he earned back then, he said, “We didn’t earn money, in the past, it’s really the company that earned money.” On whether his annual income then ever broke a hundred million, he answered, “Not for me, I don’t know about the others.”

Lately, Jerry Yan can be seen reliving his F4 performances on the talent show Call Me By Fire. Vic Chou was also back this year in The Palace of Devotion and his new suspense thriller Danger Zone. Ken Chu’s last drama was in 2017. At one point, he received a lot of flak for his weight gain. He explained that he suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder that causes pain all over the body. His weight fluctuated due to side effects from his medicine.

In a recent interview, Ken Chu who’s happily married reveals that the past 10 years have not gone well for him in terms of work. He said, “From society’s standpoint, really, Zhu Xiaotian (Ken Chu) is doing the worst.” Ken Chu says he has nothing under his name, not even a car. Everything he has now is under his Chinese actress wife Vivien Han Wenwen’s name. He purchased the least property out of the F4. The houses he bought like the ones for his mom and dad are not under his name. Ken Chu admits he’s actually afraid to have things under his name because it feels burdensome. Ken who hasn’t worked in Taiwan for years chose to stay in Taiwan while his wife stayed in Mainland China when the pandemic hit. Everything came to a halt for him and it was a big blow.

He said in the interview, “I was really at my lowest point before, you see I had no income for over a year, what man can stand that he doesn’t have income for over a year, it’s not about whether I have any money, but my value has disappeared.” Ken Chu eventually made a decision to work out and focus on his health that’s been distorted by fibromyalgia. He has also decided to let go of his reservations to start delving into self-media. Last year, Ken Chu and his wife Vivien Han did a food-travel series online. Beginning this year, Ken Chu started his own Youtube channel that features a pet series called P-Pet.

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