Ken Chu Considers Adoption for Fear of Passing on Fibromyalgia to His Children

For a 90s kid like me, the name Ken Chu never fails to bring back memories when the men of F4 were the OG princes that ruled showbiz. But it seems the actor didn’t quite have the entire happily ever after we thought he’d have with his revelations today. Ever since revealing his battle with chronic pains caused by his genetic condition called fibromyalgia, Ken Chu says he’s now considering adopting.

The former F4 member was forced to speak out about his condition to stop the hurtful rumours bandied about for his obvious weight gain– a side effect of his medication. Fibromyalgia is a rare genetic disease that causes chronic pain in the bones and muscles. This basically means he is under constant pain most of the time.

My muscles are in constant pain and the recovery isn’t automatic. I often have to undergo physical therapy which is time and budget consuming. With regards to my children, it’s difficult to say what will happen” he says. After his diagnosis, the singer-actor has learned to keep his condition under control but fears passing it on to his kids. He’d already mentioned in the past that he’ll feel very responsible for letting his kids down should they inherit his condition.

As for his wife Vivian Han Wenwen, the person who stuck by his side through thick and thin, Ken says of course she wants kids but understands his fears of forcing his children to deal with the pain. That said, he also gave voice to the possibility of adopting and potentially freezing his wife’s eggs for the future.

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