Magnolia Awards 2024: “Blossoms Shanghai” Sweeps with 5 Wins and Hu Ge for Best Actor

Magnolia Awards 2024: Blossoms Shanghai Sweeps with 5 Wins and Hu Ge for Best Actor

On the evening of June 28, the 29th Shanghai TV Festival hosted the 2024 Magnolia Awards Ceremony. Many films and talented actors were honored. As predicted, Wong Kar Wai’s Blossoms Shanghai” swept the awards, winning five categories: Best Actor (Hu Ge), Best TV Series, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, and Best Cinematography.

Magnolia Awards 2024 Highlights:

  • Best TV Series: Blossoms Shanghai
  • Best Director: Xin Shuang (The Long Season)
  • Best Actress: Zhou Xun (Imperfect Victim)
  • Best Actor: Hu Ge (Blossoms Shanghai)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Ning Li (Ripe Town)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Jiang Yan (Always On the Move)

Hu Ge, a native of Shanghai, was a favorite for Best Actor, marking his second win after “Nirvana in Fire.” His co-star, Tang Yan, also a Shanghai native, was a fan favorite for Best Actress after landing the role of a lifetime as Miss Wang and delivering an award-worthy performance, which is why many felt it’s a pity she didn’t win. Instead, the award went to Zhou Xun for “Imperfect Victim.” It’s also her second Best Actress win after “Red Sorghum.” Some were surprised Wong Kar Wai didn’t win Best Director, but his influence on the show was undeniable as it won Best TV Series.

Xin Shuang won Best Director for “The Long Season,” which was also a very strong contender this awards season. Ning Li won Best Supporting Actor for “Ripe Town,” and Jiang Yan took Best Supporting Actress for “Always On the Move.”

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