“The Long Season” Star Qin Hao Sheds Over 10kg That He Gained from the Show Thanks to This Diet


You got to hand it to actors who fully embrace their characters most especially to those that take method acting to the next level. Qin Hao was recently back in the small screen with the suspense series The Long Season 漫长的季节. If you can’t find him whilst checking out the show’s poster, I’ll give you a hint. But be prepared to do a double take coz he’s the guy in yellow with the beer belly.  Yep, that’s definitely a huge transformation It was all the result of binge eating and a wee bit of special effects magic, according to his wife.

Qin Hao

Annie Warns People Not to Try It At Home

Qin Hao’s wife Annie Yi describes how at first her husband was happily bingeing on his favourite foods. But after the novelty wore off, she said gaining weight became quite stressful for him and that the toll on his body was heavy. Qin Hao plays Gong Biao in the thriller, a down and out taxi driver who suffers from diabetes causing him to become bloated and obese. However, given that he’s onto his next project, it’s imperative for the 44-year-old actor to lose the weight he gained.

Curious Netizens naturally asked for her weight loss recipe which Annie shared with a warning. “I don’t really encourage people to copy what he did. After all, health is more important. Actors only do this because of the requirements of their role” she said.

Annie shared that in the beginning, she prepared a regimen of protein rich food and vegetables paired with exercise for Qin Hao. However, the director for his new project demanded him to quickly shed the weight. “My goodness, these directors, is a person’s weight a yoyo to be played at?” Nonetheless, Annie shared how her husband has lost around 12kg. Looking at it though, it sure doesn’t look palatable or even healthy at all! Annie cautioned “the weight loss process is very hard. Mr. Qin told me that his legs were basically jelly for a day or two.” It was a combination of light fasting, skipping rope and weight training. So yeah, maybe give this a pass unless you want to end up hangry and unhealthy.

Qin Hao weight gain for The Longest Season
Photo(s): Annie Yi / Weibo

Qin Hao’s diet as revealed by Annie:

Day 1:  Soy milk, soy milk, soy milk taken plain without sugar

Day 2: One corn cob each for breakfast lunch and dinner

Day 3: Dragon fruit, apple, blueberry

Day 4: One egg, steamed shrimp, steamed shrimp

Day 5: Broccoli, spinach, lettuce

Rest for a week

Liquid diet, soy milk, polenta, egg in seaweed soup, quinoa, and steamed egg custard

Not too much fish and meat and let your body get used to eating more gradually.

Qin Hao lost 10kg

Highest-Rated Domestic Show in Eight Years

Annie said perseverance was the best way to describe Qin Hao’s efforts seeing how “he blew up and deflated like a balloon in such a short time.” The Long Season which recently finished airing has garnered a lot of praise. It has hit a high of 9.5 on Douban from the 300K+ viewers who cast their votes making it the highest Douban rated domestically produced drama in the past eight years. The show reunites Qin Hao with The Bad Kids director Xin Shuang as well as cast members like Liu Lin and Shi Pengyuan.

Yu Zheng Gives the Diet a Try?

Yup he sure did! He took to social media to share, “I got a bit anxious when I managed to gain back 160 lbs. Thank goodness for Qin Hao’s weight loss recipe. After I tried it out for a couple of days, I lost around 6kg already. I wanted to take a photo to show it off but although my stomach is gone, my face is still chubby. Looks like I have to continue dieting” he said. Of course he didn’t forget to promote Qin Hao’s show: “ .. my most recent watch: The Long Season. It’s a great series to watch! Strong push!”

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