51-Year-Old Annie Yi’s Husband Tells Her to Quit the Girl Group Survival Show if She’s Not Happy Anymore

51-Year-Old Annie Yi
I know talent survival shows like Youth With You, Produce Camp 2020 and We are Young have been all the rage these past few years but another niche type of survival show seems to be on the rise thanks to shows like South Korea’s Queendom and Road to Kingdom paving the way. Yup, I’m talking about comeback battles from established boy/girl groups or singers which might be going mainstream if more and more viewers tune in.  

According to the latest buzz, MangoTV will be churning out one of their own soon, which will be entitled Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves (lit) 乘风破浪的姐姐 and will feature female celebs (hence the title) in the over thirty age bracket as its “trainees”. While the names of its participants are still being kept under tight wraps, Taiwanese singer Annie Yi seems to be part of the line up.
Annie Yi and her family are also regulars in the reality show My Dearest Ladies 婆婆和妈妈, and in a recent episode, can be heard telling her husband Qin Hao about her experiences as a trainee. Being (possibly) the oldest trainee in the show, the 51 year old singer revealed that training took quite a toll on her physically and that when she first started, all she wanted to do was quit. She said she lost 4.4 kilos in just four days which means she lost 1.1 kilograms a day!
If you’ve been watching survival shows, the intense pressure and training participants undergo to ensure that they’d be up to scratch is a necessary evil. With Annie being a singer, the singing part is easy, but the dancing part, she admits is quite challenging. Aside from dancing, it appears the routines require a lot of kneeling movements which resulted in multiple bruises on her legs and causing her waist to drop down a few sizes. Her husband said that she should just ask for a change in position but she said that it’s not possible because the movements are choreographed by the teacher. He also adds that even if the other contestants are in their thirties, she’s still older than them so she shouldn’t go all out physically. 
51-Year-Old Annie Yi
Annie Yi recalls how she once telephoned her husband in tears, saying that she didn’t want to participate anymore. Rumors had sprung up that Annie Yi’s brother-in-law wanted her to quit the show, but it was actually her husband who said that!
Hearing about his wife’s difficulties must’ve been hard for her husband because he tells her again that she can really quit if she’s not happy anymore. But of course you can’t just up and leave in these types of productions without incurring a penalty so when Annie said she’s end up losing a lot of money to extricate herself from the show, Qin Hao simply responded, “then pay”.
Who knows what’s gonna happen next. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that whatever path Annie chooses will work out beautifully for her in the end.
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