“Imperfect Victim” Stellar Acting Gives Liu Yijun’s Son PTSD

"Imperfect Victim" Stellar Acting Gives Liu Yijun's Son PTSD

Something a father would undoubtedly not want to happen is to give his son PTSD from his own work! Yet that seems to be the case when it comes to actor Liu Yijun’s 25-year-old son. Guess Dad was too good in portraying the baddie (or isn’t he?) in the story. The 53-year-old actor stars in the currently-airing drama Imperfect Victim 不完美受害人 which opens with a case around workplace sexual harassment, a particularly hot topic now as stories of harassment continue to go viral on Chinese social media. In the series, Jelly Lin’s character alleges she was assaulted by her boss played by Liu Yijun. Liu Yijun’s defence attorney in the series is portrayed by showbiz industry heavy weight Zhou Xun.

Liu Yijun Leaves An Impression as the Accused

Everyone go watch! I can’t be the only “victim” here.

Popping up a short vid of him reacting to his dad’s ongoing series, Liu Yitong cheekily said he’s feeling like a “victim”. “Why am I watching this?! I have a bit of PTSD now” he says. “I don’t know how I’m gonna look at him next time. It can only mean that the acting is very very good. Good good good! ” he excitedly said. Whilst PTSD is no laughing matter for anyone going through it, I guess the acting was so good and believable, so much so that things might just get a bit awks when he next meets up with dad.

Liu Yijun plays Cheng Gong in the series. A man who’s in tip top shape, Cheng Gong is the charismatic leader of a company whose name literally translates to success.

Stellar Performances All Around

Helming the drama is female director Yang Yang who brings to life the screenpray written by Gao Xuan and Ren Baoru. The show delves deep into serious themes not often seen in C-dramas and the gray areas that shed light into Liu Yijun as the accused versus Jelly Lin Yun’s imperfect victim whose statements don’t always add up.

As of press time, Imperfect Victim has been steadily climbing the Vlinkage charts for TV dramas with viewership putting the drama on the number 1 spot based on its most recent numbers. Aside from Liu Yijun, the show also boasts A-list actress Zhou Xun as part of the cast. The actress plays an attorney with her own back story who will be facing different cases along the way. Meanwhile, Imperfect Victim reunites Lin Yun with her A Dream of Splendor director Yang Yang. The actress’ noteworthy performance in the drama might just be her breakthrough performance as the strong cast and writing has been earning praise since its premiere.

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