Liu Yitong Greets Dad Liu Yijun a Very Happy Birthday

LIu Yitong
Liu Yitong with dad Liu Yijun
Photo: Liu Yitong / Weibo

It’s Liu Yijun’s (刘奕君) birthday today! The Crime Crackdown actor celebrates 53 years around the sun this year but he certainly didn’t escape some good-natured ribbing from his son, actor Liu Yitong (刘怡潼). “To my dear 3-year-old dad, I wish you a happy 3rd birthday. Your birthday present is ready and waiting for you. I’ll give it to you when we see each other. Don’t be too curious!” he cheekily tagged his father. “PS”, he added, “let’s make more films together in the future”.

The super cute banter between father and son: “Thanks son, pinky swear!”

Like Father Like Son

Known in the industry for his solid acting, Liu Yijun boasts a long list of well-known dramas under his belt. Amongst these, he appeared in the uber popular Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser for which he earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the prestigious Magnolia Awards in 2016. In 2019, he was nominated in the same category once again for his portrayal of Zhang Wanlin in Great Expectations.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Liu Yitong followed in his father’s footsteps to also become an actor. His debut back in 2018 had to be pretty special albeit a bit nerve-wracking since he got to work on the same wuxia series Sword Dynasty as his dad who was starring as the baddie in the show! Later, they worked together once again in 2021’s police thriller Master, Wait a Moment 双面神探 this time with Liu Yitong starring in the lead role as an optimistic rookie cop and his dad, the chief of police.

Looking forward to seeing these two working on a brand new collab and happy birthday to Liu Yijun!

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