Li Xian’s Experience Filming Action Scenes in His First Wuxia Drama Sword Dynasty

li xian
There’s always a first time for everything and Li Xian gets to experience just that in his first foray into the wuxia genre in Sword Dynasty 剑王朝.

li xian sword dynasty wuxia
Behind-the-scenes of the drama, the actor shared that he has never done so many action sequences and wirework in his life. He said, “My feeling when I was hanging up there for the first time was that it felt good.” Yet acting in an action-packed production is a tough job. The actor himself shared his experience filming a scene for over 20 times while hanging on wires only to find out after they put him down that he has to repeat the same movement but with a 360 degree flip. He said, “After that, my waist was done for.” Although Li Xian struggled especially at the beginning, he got used to it after a while and would even ask for retakes. 
li xian sword dynasty wuxia
Award-winning director Feng Xiaogang who worked behind the scenes of Sword Dynasty as a producer commended the actor and admitted that Li Xian is indeed very popular right now and can carry the drama, but what’s most important is the ability to act which Li Xian has. Feng Xiaogang also praised Li Xian for his professionalism and work ethic. He added that Li Xian trained months before his actual shoot to prepare for the action sequences because he wanted the scenes to look good on camera. 
li xian sword dynasty wuxia
No wonder the actor’s fanbase keeps growing. Who wouldn’t stan such a charming and dedicated man? I really wasn’t a fan of his bangs (which looks a lot like those 80’s class picture) and I’m guessing it’s not just me as memes of the bangs have circulated for laughs now that the series has aired. Nonetheless, Sword Dynasty has been delivering loads of wuxia fighting and it’s no doubt thanks to the hard work of the cast and crew. 
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