Blossoms Shanghai Finale Leaves the Door Open for Contemplation

In Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai‘s signature style, the ending for Blossoms Shanghai 繁花 unfolds with a cascade of emotions, revelations, and unexpected turns.

Characters face the repercussions of their choices

In the final showdown between Ah Bao (Hu Ge) and Qiang Zong (Huang Jue), the lines are drawn, and the victor emerges with the latter landing in prison. However, the former’s triumph is also faced with tribulation. Exiting the stock market with a break-even, he leaves to resume his journey as his former self, Ah Bao. Li Li (Xin Zhi Lei), a pivotal character in the series, not only orchestrated a successful revenge for Mr. A, leading to Qiang Mujie’s downfall but also nobly cleared the debts Mr. A left behind. She sold Zhenyuan, voluntarily confessed her actions, and served a one-year prison sentence before opting for a life of monkhood.

Lingzi (Ma Yi Li) bids a poignant farewell to Shanghai, her departure marked by a decision to move her business to Hong Kong for new beginnings. She seems to have finally let go of her feelings for Ah Bao, determined to rely on her own strengths rather than luck. Wang Mingzhu (Tang Yan), sees her business endeavors bear fruit, embracing a promising future. Despite Wei Hongqing’s (Ryan Zheng Kai) hopes for romance, she maintains her steadfast anticipation for Ah Bao’s return. As the curtains fall, the year is marked by the opening of the Oriental Pearl Tower. Against the backdrop of dazzling fireworks, Wang Mingzhu and Ah Bao fulfill their pact of five years, but they find themselves standing on opposite sides of the vast Huangpu River for a missed opportunity at a reunion.

Who Is Mr. A?

The intricacies of Blossoms Shanghai’s finale mirror the unpredictability of life, where not every thread is neatly tied, and resolutions come with a tinge of ambiguity. Mr. A’s identity is left a mystery. There’s a hint at a long-standing connection between Li Li and Ah Bao. The flashback of Mr. A’s death captures a startling revelation when his face is shown to look just like Ah Bao, yet they might not be the same person but simply a glimpse of what would’ve happened to Ah Bao had he kept on going. Hu Ge doesn’t appear much in the finale but the show explores the human connections around his character.

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