Allen Ren Jialun Leaves His Agency H&R Century Pictures

Allen Ren Jialun Leaves His Agency H&R Century Pictures

On June 23, there was online chatter about Allen Ren Jialun leaving his agency, H&R Century Pictures (欢瑞世纪) aka Huanrui. Shortly after, the 35-year-old actor confirmed the news that his contract had expired and would not be renewed. He expressed his sentiments in a heartfelt message: “Cherish the past, remember the good. Keep your passion and move towards the future!” Similarly, Huanrui made an announcement through their social media platform H&R Artist Management 欢瑞经纪, stating, “Witnessed your growth and gains along the way. Wishing Ren Jialun a bright future and all the best.”

Career Highlights

According to reports, Ren Jialun signed with H&R Century Pictures in 2017. He has acted in a number of dramas produced by the agency. He first first gained attention in “The Glory of Tang Dynasty” in 2017. Then, he rose to fame over his charming pairing with Tan Songyun in 2019’s “Under the Power.” He continued to achieve success with hits such as “One and Only” and “Forever and Ever” in 2021. He was paired with Dilireba in “The Blue Whisper” in 2022. Most recently, he appeared in the 2024 live action of “Burning Flames.

Background and Achievements

Ren Jialun (任嘉伦), whose birth name is Ren Guochao 任国超, is not only a singer-actor but was also once a professional table tennis player, though he had to quit due to injuries. He was originally supposed to debut as part of a Chinese-South Korean idol group that never materialized, leading him to focus on acting. His breakout role in historical dramas has earned himself a solid fanbase.

Artist Departures from H&R Century Pictures

It’s not uncommon for fans to feel dissatisfied with how their favorite actors are promoted by their agencies, and fans are happy about the news of Ren Jialun’s departure. Over the past five years, several artists have left Huanrui, including Yang Zi, Qin Junjie and disgraced actor Li Yifeng. Currently, the top actor and actress at the company are Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi, respectively.

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