Paddler Chen Meng Who Brought Home China’s 15th Gold Medal in #Tokyo2020 Turns Out to Have More Than One Celebrity Connection

In other Olympics related news, Chinese table tennis player Chen Meng made headlines last night (July 29) after proudly bringing home another gold medal for her country. The World No. 1 women’s singles player defeated her teammate Sun Yingsha to win the country’s 26th table tennis gold medal in Olympic history. With everyone’s attention solely focused on the world’s biggest sporting event and the athletes who are its superstars, is it any wonder that Netizens managed to dig up even her celebrity connections?

Turns out Chen Meng is actually cousins with actor Huang Xiaoming! While this might be a little known fact amongst fans, folks were still pretty surprised. Nonetheless how cute is it that Huang Xiaoming even took a selfie last night whilst watching her go for the gold. “Chen Meng’s cousin is in the middle of preparations to hold a welcoming party” he captioned. Netizens left comments joking that he was freeloading on his younger cousin’s popularity which Huang Xiaoming graciously admitted. While she would in the past be known as Huang Xiaoming’s cousin, it seems it’s now the other way around as Huang Xiaoming responded in the comments, “Chen Meng’s cousin is here.”

Huang Xiaoming
Chen Meng’s cousin Huang Xiaoming watches on as she plays against teammate Sun Yingsha to win gold!

Likewise, it appears she’s also good friends with actor Allen Ren Jialun who also posted a shout out to his former ping-pong teammate. Both Chen Meng and Allen used to play table tennis for the Shandong provincial team together. “Congratulations @Chen Meng for winning the championship! After so many years, I am excited to witness this moment! The Chinese table tennis team is the pride of the motherland!” No selfies from Allen but he did pop up a photo of Chen Meng and silver medalist Sun Yingsha as they joyfully held up the Chinese flag.

Paddler Chen Meng Who Brought Home China’s 15th Gold Medal in #Tokyo2020 Turns Out to Have Celebrity Connections

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