Celebs Cheer for Their Favourite Chinese Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Celebs Cheer for Their Favourite Chinese Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Olympic fever is upon us all and even the stars didn’t escape all the Olympic frenzy and excitement gripping everyone. As we move on to Day 5 of the #Tokyo2020 Summer Games, it appears it’s now the turn of stars like Simon Gong Jun, Jackson Wang and Bai Jingting to “fanboy” over their favourite athletes as they post shoutouts to them on social media.

Celebs Cheer for Their Favourite Chinese Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics
Gong Jun now following Zhang Jiaqi on social media

Simon Gong Jun for one probably made his seventeen-year-old fan – Olympic gold medalist for the women’s synchronised 10m platform Zhang Jiaqi’s day after following her back on social media. Earlier, Zhang Jiaqi had giddily shared on an interview how she was such a huge fan of the two Word of Honor stars, and when asked about Gong Jun, she said “he’s super tall and handsome” and “very much like her” which is the adorable type.

Likewise, despite having to give up a promising future in the sport of sabre fencing, Jackson Wang continues to follow the sport he used to live and breathe before giving it up to pursue his Kpop dreams. Before retiring his sabre for the idol stage, Jackson was actually a rising star in the fencing scene like his dad, having made it into Hong Kong’s official junior Olympic team and placing 11th in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. Jackson also won gold medals in various competitions with his eye firmly set on making it into the 2012 London Olympics before Kpop came a-knockin’.

When fellow Hong Konger Cheung Ka Long brought home Hong Kong’s second gold for fencing after waiting twenty six years, Jackson excitedly congratulated him on social media. “Proud of you, brother! Truly a day to remember! Watched the finals and wanted to congratulate you! I’m now on my way home, will replay it several more times when I get home. HONG KONG CHINA Let’s Goooooooooooooo” he wrote.

Jackson Wang
Jackson Wang congratulates Cheung Ka Long for taking home the fencing gold medal in this year’s Tokyo Olympics

Prior to that, Jackson had also congratulated épée fencer Sun Yiwen on her win, saying he was “happy and proud” and that “we are grateful for having you on the team, good luck on the team competition!“. This was followed by a sweet exchange with Sun Yiwen herself on the comments section who asked for his help to get her gal pals some autographed photos of him. Jackson gamely replied with a “the pen and the photos are all ready. It is an honour for me (to be able to do so)”.

Meanwhile, Ordinary Glory star Bai Jingting was the super cute fanboy when he posted an autographed photo of rifle shooter Yang Qian with a dedication written just for him. Captioning the post “I succeeded in chasing stars!”, the double gold medalist (wow!) who nabbed first place in both the mixed team and women’s 10m air rifle previously shared she was a fan of Bai ge also wrote back “I also succeeded!” in the comments section of his post. In fact, Yang Qian’s teammate Jiang Ranxin who also won a gold and a bronze in the mixed and individual 10m air pistol events, jokingly lamented how Bai Jingting hit the like button on Yang Qian’s post but not hers!

Celebs Cheer for Their Favourite Chinese Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics
Bai Jingting posts “I succeeded in chasing stars!” on his post featuring an autographed photo of Olympic gold medalist Yang Qian.

Oh! And if you’ve been following along Chinese social media, you might’ve also noticed action star Wu Jing making the rounds in quite a few memes online with his trackies and the characters for China plastered across his chest along with captions like “really strong.” Seems that scene of him in the movie Song of Youth 老师·好 where the martial arts expert plays a PE teacher (hence the green tracksuit) has hilariously become the unofficial “face” … errrr… meme of the Tokyo Olympics, leading Netizens to jokingly dub him as the busiest person in Tokyo 2020.

Celebs Cheer for Their Favourite Chinese Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics
Wu Jing has become the unofficial face of Tokyo Olympics memes!

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