Yang Zi Leaves Agency After 6 Years

Yang Zi

On November 15, actress Andy Yang Zi revealed the end of her contract with H&R Century Pictures (Hanrui) and that she won’t be renewing. She took to social media to say, “Thank you for the support and companionship from @Hanrui family for the past six years, although the road ahead requires me to move forward alone, but I will continue to move forward more firmly and bravely for the work that I love.”

She also shared an old post of hers from November 15, 2015 when she first signed with the agency six years ago. It was a caption that said, “The future you, will definitely thank your present hardworking self.”

Yang Zi Leaves Agency After 6 Years

Yang Zi has seen much success in recent years with hits like Ashes of Love and Go Go Squid! While some fans seem to have beef with her agency given the disputes over her starring role in the upcoming Immortal Samsara, it looks like the drama will now be known as her last project as an artist under H&R Century Pictures.

In any case, Yang Zi and her agency seem to be parting ways on good terms. Her agency posted on social media, “We have experienced and witnessed the growth and achievements together, we sincerely wish Ms. Yang Zi a splendid future.” Other artists currently under H&R Century Pictures include Allen Ren Jialun, Cheng Yi, Crystal Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi and Zhang Yuxi.

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