Jacky Zhou Junwei’s Dramas Have Aired, A Year After a Temporary Ban on the Actor’s Social Media

Jacky Zhou Junwei's Dramas Have Aired, A Year After Temporary Ban on the Actor's Social Media

Zhou Junwei (Jacky) made his acting debut in a supporting role in the campus romance “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” in 2019. Despite relocating to Canada at the age of 10, he returned to China and it was a promising start to his career as the singer-actor appeared in numerous variety shows and starred in dramas. The 28-year-old actor is known for marrying early, reportedly tying the knot at age 22 with a Chinese Canadian model, but it didn’t affect his rising star status in C-ent.

Controversy and Setbacks

However, Zhou Junwei’s career faced a setback when he seemingly showed support for the White Paper protests against COVID protocols in China. He became the next actor to face repercussions after film actress Chun Xia. His Weibo account was muted from making updates for a time, before it was restored. Moreover, Zhou Junwei was rumored to be the reason behind “Story of Kunning Palace” failing to air during its May 2023 release. He played a significant role as one of Bai Lu’s three male leads. The show was eventually rescheduled for November of the same year.

While it seems he wasn’t “cancelled” as his scenes remained intact, there was a noticeable silence from both the actor and the drama’s official Weibo account who failed to tag him in any promos. This same zero promotion happened with another big-budget drama, “The Legend of Shen Li,” released in 2024, though Zhou Junwei only had a small role.

Future Prospects

In April, Zhou Junwei appeared in another drama titled “Peacock in Wonderland,” a short drama where he starred opposite Zhang Chuhan. This marks his third drama to air since the controversy surrounding him. Interestingly, this time the show actively promoted the actor, with the drama even trending on Weibo’s hot search at one point, notably for being Zhou Junwei’s first historical drama as a male lead. While it appears that the “freeze” on the actor is thawing, the future remains uncertain. Zhou Junwei continues to mainly post personal updates on his Weibo account and there are rumors he may be pursuing further studies. Only time will tell what lies ahead for his showbiz career.

Source: Zhou Junwei, Peacock in Wonderland / Weibo

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