Wang Xingyue And Julia Xiang Hanzhi Pair Up For Historical Detective Series “Calming Waves”

Wang Xingyue And Xiang Hanzhi Pair Up For Mystery Romance Series "Calming Waves"

Wang Xingyue and Julia Xiang Hanzhi have been announced as the leads of ‘Calming Waves‘ (定风波), which has kicked off its filming ceremony in Hengdian today, May 9. And looking at them in costume, the two, both aged 22, seem to be a perfect match. Wang Xingyue is one who’s star has been rising rapidly under Yu Zheng’s agency. He’s gone from appearing in numerous supporting roles to leading man and definitely shows promise with his recent roles like ‘Scent of Time‘ and ‘Story of Kunning Palace.’ Meanwhile, Julia Xiang Hanzhi also recently wrapped another historical as Deng Wei’s leading lady in ‘Love of the Divine Tree‘.

‘Calming Waves’ is a historical detective series that follows Xiao Beiming, the top detective of Great Qi, who is framed for killing his master on the day of his wedding. He returns three years later, gaining the trust of his junior sister, Zhong Xueman. Together, the senior brother and sister team up with a group of individuals to solve cases and uncover the truth. While the plot may seem somewhat familiar, the opening intrigues with the main character on the run.

This series is based on an original screenplay, a trend that seems to be growing in dramas. Hopefully, it has a strong story behind it. It is produced by iQIYI and Upcoming Legend Media. Other cast members include Chen Youwei, Zhang Nan as well as He Luoluo, and Deng Kai in special roles.

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