“A Dream within a Dream” Cast Unveiled, a Light Romance Where the Heroine Enters into a Book

"A Dream within a Dream" Cast Unveiled, a Light Romance Where the Heroine Enters into a Book

A Dream within a Dream” (书卷一梦), a light romantic costume drama based on an original screenplay, was officially announced today. Li Yitong stars as the female lead Song Yimeng/Song Xiaoyu, who accidentally travels through a book and becomes entangled in a “forced” romance with Liu Yuning’s character, Nan Heng, chasing after her as she escapes. The cast announcement, combined with the costume fitting, has to be the cutest ever. We see modern-day “Xiaoyu” walking to the photoshoot, and then, voila, the cast are in their ancient costumes, posing charmingly for the camera.

Is predicting your destiny in advance a blessing or a curse? Song Yimeng holds the fate card but is still powerless in the face of destiny. She foresees her fate of becoming the “cannon fodder” for the cold-faced prince Nan Heng to seize power. While Nan Heng gradually awakens, he is still constantly controlled by the trajectory of destiny. In the book, everyone struggles to breaks free from the shackles of the plot. Will they succeed?

Aside from Li Yitong and Liu Yuning in their first collaboration, the cast also stars Bambi Zhu Xudan and Riley Wang Yilun as second leads. Wang Youshuo has been specially invited to star. It is directed by Guo Hu and produced by Linmon Pictures and iQIYI.

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