Liu Xueyi Back with Modern Series “What If (Another Me)” Opposite Zhong Chuxi

Liu Xueyi Back with Modern Series "What If (Another Me)" Opposite Zhong Chuxi

It took “In Blossom” to make me fall hard for Liu Xueyi. Then, I realized he’s portrayed many memorable roles, albeit mostly as supporting characters. From the monk Wu Xin in “The Blood of Youth” to the villain in “Destined,” or the carefree yet devoted second lead in “Ancient Love Poetry,” there’re so many to slowly catch up on. To think I first noticed him in “Love and Redemption” some years ago. And of course, with the 33-year-old actor’s recent success in “In Blossom,” it’s a given that his dramas should be securing airtime.

True enough, the modern romance series “What If,” also known as “Another Me” (生活在别处的我), has announced its release on May 6, 2024, on the online platform Tencent. It is headlined by Zhong Chuxi and Liu Xueyi, with Lin Yushen listed as a special star. Zhong Chuxi is also having a stellar year, especially with the much talked-about “Born to Run,” which she headlined earlier this year. What If is a drama that began filming in December 2022 and wrapped in early 2023.

Just like its title, it quite literally explores the “what if” scenario of having another “me” with a show that follows Xia Guo (played by Zhong Chuxi) and her boyfriend Yu Jian (played by Liu Xueyi) as they lead a simple and happy life. However, one day, Xia Guo receives a job opportunity to work at the Shanghai headquarters, which excites her immensely. Faced with the dilemma of seizing this chance to leave her hometown or maintaining a stable life, Xia Guo finds herself reconsidering her plans. In essence, this drama delves into the choice between a woman’s career and personal life, presenting the audience with a plot reminiscent of a parallel world.

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