Yang Chaoyue Breaks Down on Set As Pressure to do a Great Job Acting Mounts

YAng Chaoyue
Yang Chaoyue
Yang Chaoyue

Yang Chaoyue doesn’t exactly have a great reputation for her acting. It has come to a point that people have even began to question why she’s getting the juicy leading roles despite her bad acting. The 25-year-old got a huge leg up in the industry when she debuted as part of Produce 101’s winning group Rocket Girls 101. Back then, she managed to win over viewers even though her singing and dancing abilities garnered criticism.

Yang Chaoyue has ventured into acting since then. However, her recent leading roles in The Journey of Chong Zi and Love You Seven Times have continued to draw flak. In fact, the idol was ridiculed for having just two expressions – her pouty face or her surprised “bug eyed” look. Then there’s that crying scene in Chong Zi that had many asking “where’s the actual tears in her eyes?”. Quite understandable then how she might’ve felt a little extra pressure.

Breaking Down

When filming yet another crying scene for Born to Run 如果奔跑是我的人生, Yang Chaoyue found herself in the middle of a breakdown. The actress, who plays a supporting role in the drama, cried over her efforts being not good enough. She’d apparently wanted to do a great job and was willing to do the scene over and over until she got it right. It seems though that the stress finally did her in. Meanwhile, her director stepped in to say there’s no need to put herself under so much pressure over one scene. “It’s very important” cried the actress. Good thing she was finally satisfied after a few more takes later.

I mean, it’s not that hard to see how she could’ve felt this way. Perhaps if she continues to be just as dedicated in building her skills, learning and practising, her performances might finally get everyone’s stamp of approval one day soon. Nonetheless, it seems the drama has been getting positive reviews so it looks like everyone’s hard work has been paying off.

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