“Love You Seven Times” Finale Sees Yang Chaoyue Fondly Bidding Adieu to Her Character(s) With Multiple Posts

Yang Chaoyue
Yang Chaoyue and Ding Yuxi in Love You Seven Times
Ding Yuxi and Yang Chaoyue star in Love You Seven Times

Love You Seven Times heroine Yang Chaoyue might’ve had a hard time (just little bit) saying goodbye to her character Xiang Yun. Although some audiences already bid adieu to Ding Yuxi’s Chu Kong and Yang Chaoyue’s Xiang Yun after the series aired its final episode last August 30th, the actress on the other hand couldn’t seem to stop saying goodbye to all her “characters”. “Xiang Yun, I’m saying goodbye to you now temporarily, I really miss you”.  

The actress didn’t just stop at one post, writing a total of ten (!) posts with voice messages to bid farewells to her personas from Song Xiangyun, to Yang Xiaoxiang, Princess Xiangyun, to the Cang Hai Empress, to Mingyue and even to her tiger character. “This time, I hope you live to be a carefree cloud with your beloved for all time. Miss Xiangyun, goodbye.”

Posts made by Yang Chaoyue
Yang Chaoyue

Shortly after its premiere, Love You Seven Time’s heat index reached 8300 at its peak though it fell way short of the expected numbers for the remainder of its run. The show has weathered criticisms from the writing to the cast as well as its leads. This appeared to have taken an emotional toll on the actress who previously said during a live broadcast held with co-star Ding Yuxi a few weeks ago that she felt responsible for the lukewarm acceptance of audiences to the show. With many slamming her acting, she said that she accepts everyone’s criticism and opinions but hopes people will still give it a chance. “Don’t be unwilling to get to know Xiang Yun merely because of my shortcomings.”

This is also the show where its producer Wang Yixu shared on his own social media page that seeing people bashing the show and attacking his two lead actors aggravated his depression, not to mention there were also previous plagiarism allegations over props.

I’m glad to see Yang Chaoyue enthusiastically giving her character some love and it’s really touching for fans despite the show having to get through a few bumps and hiccups along the way. The story also found its happy ending for everyone after putting its leads through so many lifetimes of trials.

Yang Chaoyue

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