Jelly Lin Yun Headlines New Historical Drama with Alen Fang Yilun as Leading Man

Zen Di Ta Qian Jiao Bai Mei (lit. How to defeat the refined her)怎敌她千娇百媚开机 sees another drama where a down and out noblewoman has to step up to keep her family afloat is currently in the works. Starring Jelly Lin Yun and Alen Fang Yilun, filming for the period romance has already kicked off following the drama’s ceremony last week. That also includes official confirmation regarding the rest of the cast including Charles Lin Borui (Love Between Fairy and Devil), Zhao Qing (Scent of Time), Guo Jianan and Deng Xiaoci.

Jelly Lin Yun and Zhao Qing – Yu Zheng’s newest “star pupil”, are currently up to play the first and second female leads in the show. Whilst Lin Yun has definitely garnered a lot of praise for her noteworthy performance as the victim who accuses her boss played by Liu Yijun for assaulting her in last year’s Imperfect Victim, both ladies unfortunately don’t have the best reputation for having what many would call solid acting skills. Nonetheless, as Jelly has already proven in Imperfect Victim, acting is all about constantly improving and reinventing yourself, so she just might end up surprising everyone.

Meanwhile, it’s good to see Alen Fang Yilun in more leading man roles. Although he has played the male lead in the past, it’s usually smaller web dramas, while he’s played supporting characters in various high-profile dramas like A Journey to Love where he pretty much stole the show for his dynamic portrayal of Yu Shisan. He was also in The Longest Promise and The Long Ballad.

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