“A Journey to Love” Leaves Fans Lamenting Over That Ending

A Journey to Love
LIu Shishi in A Journey to Love
Liu Shishi in A Journey to Love
Photo: Liu Shishi / Weibo

Well. It was an ending that blew everyone’s minds…  and I don’t mean that in a good way. Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning’s A Journey to Love just aired its final episode and if the spoilers littering the internet aren’t enough, let’s just say that it was an ending viewers totally didn’t see coming. After all, “everyone” well, died.

Okay to be fair, that’s the assumption since it’s highly unlikely that Liu Shishi’s Ren Ruyi survived when she basically blew up the wolf lord and the Zuo Xian king including herself with fire bombs but not before stabbing them with a hairpin. And then fast forward to a decade later, a boy named Ning Shisan comes riding up to Chu Yue claiming he has a sister named Ren Lu, and that his dad’s surname is Ning and his mum’s is Ren? So does that mean .. they aren’t dead? Or at least Ning Yanzhou and Ren Ruyi? But how?

A Journey to Love finale
Ren Ruyi stabs her enemy with a hairpin before setting off fire bombs inside the tent
Photo: Screencapture from A Journey to Love

Bad Ending?

This ending clearly left everyone feeling a tad confused. What’s more, since the finale aired, drama fans can’t seem to stop lamenting over many things – that open ending for one thing and how Ren Ruyi broke character in the story. Then there’s also the messy editing amongst other things.

Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning

The drama started out strong when it first aired, receiving a lot of love and praise from viewers. However, after the screenwriters started killing off their little group of Fang Yilun, Wang Yizhe and Chen Youwei either in battle or through exhaustion, viewers have been complaining over the sadistic turn of the story. Heck even the numbers are telling as the show’s ranking has now dropped from 7.5 down to 6.9 on Douban. But man, if that ending is the screenwriter’s way of turning things around (just a smidge) and keep it from being a complete BE (bad ending) drama, they’ve certainly left viewers with more questions than answers.

Liu Dao Tang

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