Actress Trying to Slam Fat Shaming Also Draws Flak for Using an Actor’s Photo to Prove a Point

Xu Jiao
Xu Jiao and Mi Jin
Left: Xiao Jiao and Right: the photo she shared of Mi Jin as third prince in a previous drama

It may already be the weekend but c-ent sure isn’t short on some drama. This time around, Dramaland’s latest “match” involves producer Yu Zheng facing off against actress Xu Jiao who later pulled in a rookie actor into the fray with her comment. It all started when Yu Zheng posted about actress Zhao Qing being “still a bit chubby” despite having already slimmed down to 92 jin (roughly 55 kg). Adding that she should probably drop down to 85 jin (~ 51kg)l to look good, the producer (and Zhao Qing’s boss at Huanyu Entertainment) also offered to go on a diet with her.

Well, Xu Jiao who’s known to be quite outspoken just wasn’t having it. The 26-year-old fired back by asking “slimming down to this, do you think it’s attractive?” Only, the photo the actress attached with her volley was that of actor Mi Jin’s (弭金) third prince in his drama Fate of Broom Star and Lucky Star 万市大吉!

Xu Jiao comments on Yu Zheng’s post that sparked it all

Have I Offended You?

Whereas Yu Zheng appeared to brush off Xu Jiao’s dig, Mi Jin another Huanyu talent whose only other work so far was a small unnamed role in My Journey to You might’ve been a tad offended over Xu Jiao using his photo as a sample of someone who looks “too slim”. Looking at his social media now, the actor seems to have laughed it off when he “apologised’ to everyone for his looks. “I’m sorry for scaring everyone. I sought out my agent to ask for an increase in my meal allowance. I’m currently working hard to gain muscle and keep fit” he captioned whilst simultaneously sharing a photo of himself now.

What many didn’t see (but what many nimble fingered Netizens were able to screenshot) was his initial response saying, “this (older) sister, you can scold others as much as you want, but what have I done to you? Have I offended you? An old photo from years ago, do you want to kill the career of a newbie?

Netizens Weigh In

Some have called out Yu Zheng for his weight comment. “What kind of sick aesthetic do you have?” Another asked whether he realised it’s not always a matter of being thin. There are those too who were happy he finally met his match in Xu Jiao. However, reaction also appears to be divided about her post. On the one hand, people are applauding her for having the guts to shut down the producer. There are others though who weren’t too happy about her having to put down someone else just to make her point. Even actor Mi Jin whose gracious response drew praise also received mixed reaction over his initial reaction. Some said his reaction towards being “skinny shamed” was understandable, but others felt he was too rash in his response.

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