Billing Order in C-Ent? Yu Zheng Announces “Perfect Match” Cast in an Unusual Rotating Format

Yu Zheng
Perfect Match
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Trust Yu Zheng to keep everyone on their toes. The controversial producer has done it yet again, making waves with the official casting announcement for his upcoming drama Perfect Match 五福临门. Before anything else: let’s understand billing order.

What is billing order in C-ent and why is it such a big deal?

Actors who get top billing for a drama or film, means they are the headliner. Their name appears first among the cast and in posters, their face is likely the biggest. On social media, it would be as simple as whose name is listed or tagged first. In a way, it’s like a show of status, which is why it’s a sensitive thing.

In the race to “protect” their favourites, fans have gamely gone to war and even called for boycotts to ensure the names of their actors are right where they want it to be – the top. Where it’s not possible, some shows will opt to just have the cast listed in no particular order. Yet whatever the case, someone’s name has to appear first. Well, to solve this issue, or perhaps maybe to throw everyone for a loop – you never really know when it comes to Yu Zheng, Perfect Match just announced its official lineup in an unusual rotating format. Perhaps so everyone can have their turn at the top? *lol*

Yu Zheng with the Most Unusual Cast Announcement

Yu Zheng previously said that he really doesn’t give importance to status, which in C-ent nowadays, can come in the form of billing order. He thinks it’s ridiculous, yet everyone cares about it, so he’s thought of a solution to do away with it. Yu Zheng went on to say that all that’s needed is a drama announcement with no caption, a poster and names that go around in circles. He said it would keep spinning that people wouldn’t know who has top billing. Sure enough, Perfect Match has 5 pairs in Wang Xingyue and Lu Yuxiao, Wu Xuanyi and Huang Shengchi, Huang Yang Tian Tian and WINWIN Dong Sicheng, Liu Xiening and Chen Heyi, Ke Ying and Liang Yongqi. All their names go around that you can’t tell who’s on top.

Perfect Match cast
Perfect Match cast photos / Weibo

News of Zhu Xudan allegedly dropping out of playing the second lead role has already raised questions over casting. No doubt, Yu Zheng’s latest stunt will once again put the spotlight on his newest project. Meanwhile fans of Lu Yuxiao took to Yu Zheng’s page to question the “merry-go-round slash ferris wheel” format the actor’s names were displayed. To this, here’s what the producer had to say: “She’s the female lead. But with so many industry seniors carrying the sedan chair, she doesn’t need billing to emphasize it right. Or do you think it would be better to use a group of newbies to play supporting roles?” He added that he really hates the term top billing and wishes he won’t see that word for 2024.

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