C-Actress Calls Out BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse Performance

From the moment her Crazy Horse performance was announced, Blackpink‘s Lisa drew flak among C-Netizens, and it looks like the backlash has not stopped. Chinese actress Xu Jiao has become the first public figure in C-ent to call out the performance when she shared a description of what happens on the show and wrote the caption, “I just see women professionals being sexualized.”

The post she shared was a description of Lisa’s performance which said that the K-pop idol was dressed as a corporate woman sporting black leather shoes and a short skirt in a number themed around the stock market crash. She danced while removing pieces of clothing one at a time starting with her tie, glasses and her top, leaving only her undies.

Xu Jiao slams Lisa's Crazy Horse performance

When One Actress Weighs In and Other C-Stars Draw Criticism

Xu Jiao’s comments sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media with those in support saying that public figures should be responsible for setting a positive example for their fans. Meanwhile, others are calling Xu Jiao a hypocrite and saying she wore even less since the 26-year-old former child actress trended earlier this year when she shared her bikini photos. “If it’s Xu Jiao, it’s okay, but if it’s other people, it’s not okay?” a netizen commented.

Chinese stars Angelababy and Zhang Jiani who allegedly watched the show after photos of them near the area surfaced online have drawn criticism. Angelababy’s side has not confirmed whether she was there or not but Bai Lu who was at one point also rumored to have watched the show already had someone refute this. After all, many C-stars have flown to Europe recently for fashion week.

Crazy Horse is a cabaret show known for its performances showcasing nude females. Before her show, Lisa said she was not going full nude. Despite some criticism among C-netz and even K-netz, many remain supportive of Lisa’s performance. Some of her fans even say it’s not much different from what is commonly seen in the industry, particularly in the West.

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