CJ7 Star Xu Jiao Shows Off Her Toned Bod in a Blue Bikini

Xu Jiao
Xu Jiao
Photos: Xu Jiao/ Weibo

Hard to believe Chinese actress Xu Jiao ever played a boy when she was younger. But if you watched the sci-fi comedy flick CJ7 starring Stephen Chow, that’s her 10-year-old self playing the comedy legend’s cute young son Dicky! Now all grown up, the 25-year-old actress who just shared that she’s gotten straight A’s for her last semester and will soon graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts also seems to be very much into fitness as she shares the “fruits of her labour” on social media.

Video: Xu Jiao / weibo

A few weeks ago, the young actress drew a bit of attention after sharing selfies she’d taken at the gym. “How did you train to get your butt?” one Netizen asked. The actress cheekily said (pun intended) that having great genes is crucial since you gotta have a bit of meat in that area to begin with. When another comment said she appears to have lost a bit of weight, Xu Jiao responded that she’d always been on the skinny side and that it took some effort to build that muscle. As for her recent bikini pics whilst on vacay in Santa Monica, many praised her toned figure.  Yet there are naysayers who says they cannot accept her look. They feel it’s a bit on the racy side and that perhaps she’d become more liberal now that she’s living overseas. But then again, as many others pointed out, she’s at the beach. Of course, she’ll be wearing a swimsuit. Besides, many also came to her defence saying she can wear what she wants.

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