“Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact” Opens To Mixed Reviews

Yue Hong
Fox Spirit Matchmaker : Red Moon Pact

Now that the much awaited Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact has hit screens, you may be wondering how it’s faring. Did the first few episodes impress? Well, as far as first impressions go, reception to the Yang Mi and Simon Gong jun helmed show appears to be predictably mixed. On the one hand, many of the hashtags related to the show have been leaning towards the negative side. Yet on the other hand, Fox Spirit may still be below Tencent’s Joy of Life 2 in online viewership, but it also broke a record on iQIYI for this year, being the first in 2024 to reach 7225 in popularity points on a drama’s first day of broadcast (as of press time it’s now up to 8800). Not too shabby right?

Netizens’ First Impressions

Naysayers have described the storyline for the Red Moon Pact as “boring”. Another hashtag that’s gained a lot of traction online complained about how the first couple of episodes felt like a big budget children’s drama and that the overall vibe felt a touch juvenile. Perhaps it was the filter used by the show or the special effects? Others didn’t seem to mind at all and instead expressed their appreciation for the fairy-like effect they tried to recreate through the watercolour scenes, makeup and special effects.

fox spirit matchmaker

Producer Wang Yixu Responds

Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Even show producer Wang Yixu didn’t escape criticism from viewers who claimed he’d hit his peak with Love Between Fairy and Devil – his first big hit. To this, the producer said “my apologies, each drama has received lots of love and attention from you all. Very grateful. Wishing you all health, happiness, love and peace…” ​​​ However the producer cheekily also made sure to share some infographics that the drama has hit top 1 on some measures, ending his post with a “PS: At this time, it has already exceeded iQIYI’s highest premiere popularity in 2024. Thank you everyone.”

So yes, whilst the show might not be to everyone’s taste for one reason or another, it’s undeniable that viewers are still tuning in. Whether Fox Spirit Matchmaker can sustain this momentum is the big question. Seeing that we’re only a few episodes into the story, first impressions can change and really, anything can happen.

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