“Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong” Producer Wang Yixu Addresses Top Billing

Yang Mi as Tushan Honghong

It seems Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong 狐妖小红娘月红篇 also could not escape top billing issues. Last Thursday, the drama released its full casting line up which indicates Yang Mi as Tushan Honghong (涂山红红) and Gong Jun as Dongfang Yuechu (东方月初). Whereas this has long been a known fact from previous marketing blasts and teasers, fans of both stars seem at odds over top billing. However, to keep the issue from growing any bigger, Yue Hong producer Wang Yixu (王一栩) finally issues a statement to set things straight.

Yang Mi stands at the center of the group photo from the Fox Spirit Matchmaker filming ceremony

Taking a look at this week’s announcement, Yang Mi has gotten top billing seeing as it’s her name that is introduced first, which is then followed by Gong Jun’s. Considering the story is about the fox matchmaker which Yang Mi plays, the positioning is not surprising. However, it seems fans of both sides are accusing each other of stirring up trouble from things like a poster with both stars and how much (or how little) space each has taken up to who stands at the center of the group photo. Meanwhile, a hashtag that had Gong Jun’s name first before Yang Mi also drew heated debate.

Simon Gong Jun as Dongfang Yuechu

“We’ve Made Our Position Clear”

With the issue getting more hits on the hot search, the show’s producer Wang Yixu finally steps in to clarify their stance. He said that all official channels are very clear about their position and that marketing accounts are just challenging it for traffic and the clicks. While he doesn’t directly say who gets top billing, reading between the lines, Yang Mi’s name on top stays.

The producer also added that they’ve already collected evidence against rabble rousers and forwarded it to Sina for resolution. Moreover, he said whilst he won’t block fans who made great suggestions he had no qualms about directly blocking users spreading negative vibes and abusing the internet.

Guo Xiaoting as Tushan Yaya

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Unveils Full Cast

Meanwhile Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong has also introduced the rest of the cast. For all the speculation on who will play the second lead following Yuan Bingyan’s tax scandal, the role of Tushan Yaya (涂山雅雅) has gone to Cristy Guo Xiaoting who most recently starred in the popular xianxia series Love Between Fairy and Devil which also had Wang Yixu as producer. Meanwhile, Miles Wei Zheming as San Shao of Ao Lai Country (傲来国三少), Hu Lianxin Er as Tushan Rongrong (涂山容容) and Wen Zheng Rong as Shi Ji (石姬) complete the main cast.

Miles Wei as San Shao

Incidentally, Bambi Zhu Xudan who was initially rumored to play the second lead does have a role in the series but as a different character. Many more names have been revealed which include stars like Sebrina Chen Yao, Chen Duling and Zhang Linghe who’s yet another LBFAD alumn.

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