4 Modern C-Dramas Confirmed to Premiere This May 2024

Reblooming Blue

As we kick off the month, we’re already spoiled for choice with a handful of confirmed C-drama premieres. Everyone’s still waiting for the Joy of Life sequel since it’s been rumored to drop this May with Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact possibly going against it. But for now, the four dramas announced so far are all in the modern genre from heartwarming romances to a gripping mystery.

Reblooming Blue (Premiere Date: May 8, 2024 on Hunan TV, Mango TV)

It stars Victoria Song and Vic Zhou in what looks to be a pottery themed drama. Chen Xiao Man (Victoria Song) returns to her hometown after losing her job in the city, only to cross paths with her former office senior, Ke Yan (Vic Zhou). Both facing financial struggles, they team up in hopes of finding a solution. Directed by Leon Li, this Chinese drama explores whether their collaboration could not only resolve their monetary woes but also blossom into love.


Regeneration (Premiere Dates: May 6 on Youku, May 7 on Netflix)

It pairs up Jing Boran with 27-year-old rising star Zhou Yiran in a uniquely themed mystery suspense. After meeting at a memorial service, a group of strangers embark on a quest to uncover the truth about the deceased, a man known to each of them under different identities.

Men in Love

Men in Love (Premiere Date: May 3 on iQIYI, Tencent)

Directed by Elson Chang, “Men in Love” is an urban romance drama starring Hu Yitian and Liang Jie. The two also previously worked together in Handsome Siblings. It follows the intertwining relationships of Ye Han, a magazine editor-in-chief, Li Xiaoxiao, a physical education teacher, Xu Jiacheng, a magazine publisher, and Tong Yiwen, a former top model. As they navigate love and career challenges, their bonds are tested, leading to self-discovery and deeper connections. Dai Xu and Sun Jialing play the second leads.

What if

What If (Premiere Date: May 6 Tencent)

Xia Guo faces a decision between a settled hometown life with her boyfriend or a career in the city. Starring Elaine Zhong, Liu Xueyi, and Lin Yushen, “What If” explores diverging paths that could lead to entirely different lives. It poses the question: which choice will make her life “a little less normal”?

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